Feature article on Xtremepush in the latest edition of Marketing Tech Outlook as they announce the 2017 Top 10 Marketing Automation Providers.

Powering Contextually Relevant Customer Engagement

Modern day businesses leave no stone unturned in reaching out to their customers. They use every means from websites to browser push messaging for engaging customers, however understanding consumer interactions across platforms and their intent is the Achilles heel for all brands across all industries. Architecting a comprehensive multi-channel analytics and engagement marketing platform, the Ireland-based Xtremepush emerges as a global optimal choice, to overcome this challenge by enabling enterprises to understand their users both on the web and within an app in a universal fashion.

Prior to deploying its platform with enterprises, Xtremepush conducts detailed discussions as a part of their “Digital Details Program”. The three anchoring objectives of this program are enhancing customer experience, reducing the cost for the client, and empowering them to harness upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Xtremepush maps the customer journey to find lacunas in marketing, discern customer intent, and zero in on pain points. “Our aim is to deliver a better digital experience by seamlessly onboarding customers and turning them into acolytes of a mobile app or website,” states Tommy Kearns, CEO & Co-founder, Xtremepush.

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Xtremepush utilizes datasets and a universal profile ID to integrate key metrics like customer behaviour and location of the customer to decide on the micro-moment, which has a great relevance in attaining high conversion rates. Furthermore, the firm uses data aggregation and analysis for formulating the customer engagement strategy. The Xtremepush platform automates communication across different channels with push notifications, in-app messaging, in-web messaging or pop-up, SMS, browser push messaging and email. Xtremepush delivers 200 million emails and a billion push messages every month and these figures serve as a proof of its usability and scalability.

Xtremepush trumps its compeers through its platform on account of ease of integration and speed of deployment. “Enterprises can leverage the power of Xtremepush within six weeks and yield ROI within 16 weeks,” says Kearns. The platform’s ability to track cross-channel customer journey enables the businesses to streamline and enhance the process of customer intent analysis. For example, if a loan applicant begins the loan process but drops off before completing the application, Xtremepush enables the bank to communicate with the applicant and re-engage the applicant in the most relevant channel based on their individual user profile.

“Today, more than 300 large and well-known global brands recognize the mettle of Xtremepush platform and the client roster includes international banks, multi-national retailers, global publishers, large utilities and some of the largest gaming companies in the world.”

In one of the implementation highlights, a large retailer with a significant web presence was struggling to track its customers across digital platforms. Xtremepush set a unique ID across the digital estate and enabled the client to track the user journey and behaviour across channels such as desktop and mobile. By using the Xtremepush platform, the client could increase footfall to the stores, and deliver customer service and discount offers to the users within the app at the right time. As the retailer’s entire network was geofenced, they could understand where the highest footfall was and the best time to relay the relevant messages. Eventually, the client revved conversion rate within app north of ten percent and increased in-store sale through location-based messaging by five percent.

With collaborations with companies like Google, Fiserv and Temenos, Xtremepush is ameliorating customer engagement in the banking and finance arena. With the incorporation of new modules dedicated to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and one module to AI, the company will ascertain regulatory compliance and market orientation to make them victorious in the game of cross-channel customer engagement.