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Xtremepush Platform Update: Enhanced file importing

The latest Xtremepush platform update has now been released. This time we’ve focused on improvements to file importing, simplifying both the manual and automated processes and giving you deeper flexibility in terms of how values are mapped.

Manual Importing of a User List

We’ve improved the process of manually importing a list to the Xtremepush platform. When you upload the file and click Next Step the Data Mapping tab will be opened as in the screenshot below.

Here columns matching existing attribute fields within the Xtremepush project will be mapped automatically but you now have the ability to remap columns to any profile attributes  of your choosing. 

We believe these improvements will make intuitive sense to the user, but as always detailed information is available in our User Guide.

Automated File Importing via SFTP

It is now possible to automate and schedule the importing of files via SFTP.

This feature allows files to be picked up from 3rd party systems where a direct API integration isn’t available just now. Platform users will be able to keep their customer profiles up to date within Xtremepush, allowing for accurate targeting and campaign personalisation without the need to manually upload and update profile lists each time new data is available or existing attributes have changed.

A full user guide page on how to set up an automated import can be found here: https://docs.xtremepush.com/docs/automated-imports

Note: To upload a file via SFTP you must first have configured an SFTP in the marketplace.

Project Dashboard 

We’ve made two improvements to how users can filter their project dashboard, giving you clearer visibility of the stats that matter most to you.

  • Users can filter statistics shown on the project by channel, allowing you to isolate the most relevant channel/s for you.
  • We’ve introduced a “Breakdown by Platform” toggle option which allows you to view combined push campaign statistics or separate them out by platform (web, android and iOS).

Additional improvements

  • Auto Stop Empty Workflows
    Closed Workflows will now automatically move to the Past Campaigns section once the last user has reached the final end action.
  • Show Apple Certificate Expiry Date
    Displayed directly in the Channel settings section allowing admin to keep track of any potentially expiring certificates.
  • Workflow Analytics
    Showing more detail in the Campaign Analytics section, platform users can drill down into single and split test workflow campaigns.
  • Google Analytics tracking parameters
    Moved to a single page in Channel settings to avoid any confusion in setup.
  • Export Delivery Failures
    Added to Campaign Analytics page to allow download of individual user level data.

Bug fixes

A number of bug fixes are also included in this release, full details of which can be found here.

Support Documentation

We’d like to remind you that our support documentation is moving to a new home. All guides for changes in this release can be found at docs.xtremepush.com. Over the coming months, we will be migrating existing documentation to this location. The old home (support.xtremepush.com) is still available in the meantime.

Wrapping Up

If you have any questions or comments to make about this release please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be delighted to hear your feedback. 👍

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