After 18 successful months in the market, with major international client wins in the retail banking, media, sports, government agencies and entertainment sectors, we felt there was a need for a fresh, improved look to reflect our success in the mobile marketing automation industry.

So we can now proudly reveal our updated company image, including a brand new logo,  improved website design and an upcoming resources area (which will allow our new customers to get all the answers they need when rolling out their mobile marketing plans).

A new logo

“People change logos all the time for things like leadership changes, trying to chase a fad or thinking a new logo will solve a larger or more systemic problem.
Brand logos should change when they are no longer relevant to who a company is”

Mike Preston – associate Creative Director for global branding firm Siegel+Gale

We totally agree! We are changing our image to demonstrate that xtremepush is becoming a titan in the mobile marketing cloud space, enabling large brands to understand their users better and to drive compelling engagement in order to maximise the ROI of their Apps and businesses.

In 2015, being instantly recognisable is essential for a business and selecting the right choice for a logo, which adequately reflects a company’s vision, can be challenging.  Our aim was to visually represent the four cornerstones of our mobile marketing platform.

The result


new xtremepush logo


  • The choice of an infinite loop acts as a visual reminder of the interconnected nature of the mobile app marketing lifecycle which we inject significant value into, every step of the way.
  • The blue X in the middle is the original symbol of our company and expresses the value of the cross platform support we provide.
  • The location, represented twice and horizontally by the empty areas, represents our globally renowned location targeting services: iBeacon and Geo Fencing.


We are rolling out our new logo and re-design across our website, social media and entire platform today. Please let us know what you think!