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Why Facebook Messenger is your next best engagement channel…

Ever since the emergence of social media, brands have been quick to utilise these platforms to promote their products and services. Social Media platforms have mostly obliged by providing brands with specific business accounts and the ability to build an organic following. This has provided a reliable route to reach organic followers and subscribers, as well as the opportunity to promote content to new prospects.

The truth of the matter is that organic engagement rates are incredibly low. To reach your audience (and more), you have to spend.

Most businesses will be active on at least one network, posting content, news, product information etc. which is all well and good, but how much engagement is your post achieving? These are the average organic engagement rates across the main social networks:


As shown in the table above (Source), the engagement rates are incredibly low. So what can brands do to increase their engagement rates within the social environment? And, how are brands able to take full advantage of social media for increasing engagement opportunities and conversions? Facebook Messenger is the key.

Social Messaging Engagement

Facebook Messenger is the 3rd most used smartphone app, used by 68% of app users (Source) with people exchanging 8 billion messages with businesses using Facebook Messenger every month (Source). This gives a clear insight into the engagement opportunities that Facebook Messenger can provide to a business. Brands are able to provide highly relevant content directly to the follower’s inbox.

If you don’t believe us, check out these stats; In Brazil, 85% of surveyed respondents had messaged a business in the last 3 months, 74% in India, and 61% in the UK and US (Source). You’re probably thinking, how can we possibly engage our followers on that scale? You’d need a whole team of people on the platform 24/7!

The truth is you don’t. All you need is access to a platform that has Webhook capabilities. A webhook allows brands to post information or trigger actions outside of their app or site, including Facebook Messenger.

Next, you need a Marketing Automation platform to manage the conversation, so you don’t have to. Click the below video to see an example;

By utilising social messaging, your brand can use the global reach of the social platform to raise awareness of products and services. Additionally, with account linking, brands can provide a frictionless route to enable purchases directly from the messenger feed.

The Xtremepush platform provides the tools needed to turn conversations into conversions. Talk to the team today and discover how easy it is to start cultivating your social media, app and website audiences and start lowering customer acquisition costs and increasing customer lifetime value.

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