Web Push Notifications

Increase web traffic and drive conversions

Bring visitors back to your website time after time, on mobile and desktop devices, with personalised, relevant web pushes. Deep-link the CTA to a specific page on your website and enjoy an outstanding engagement rate.

How will Web Push help you to grow?

Web push delivers results at every stage of the customer journey. It’s a channel that very quickly yields ROI, making it a must-have for any brand that wants to stay top-of-mind with their customers.


Opt-in rates are typically 20% of a brands monthly website Visitors.


Engagement rates for personalised web pushes approximately 10%

Drive traffic & increase wallet share

Personalise your web pushes with individually-relevant content to create personalised campaigns that convert. Send discounts and special offers, promote your latest products, or deliver breaking news alerts. Web push is a versatile channel that works for brands in every vertical.

Recover abandoned carts

Create automated, real and right-time recovery campaigns that nudge customers back to their abandoned carts. Perfect as an alternative to email, or an ideal way to support it, web push will help you to recover lost sales and grow your revenue.

Re-engage lapsed users

Use our advanced segmentation engine to identify customers at risk of churning. Then deliver personalised web pushes to re-engage and encourage them back on-site. Web push is a highly visible channel that lets you connect with customers instantly.

High visibility & engagement

Web pushes are delivered to a device as it’s in use, putting your message in the line of sight immediately.

Relevant, rich content

Personalise your messaging, segment users based on their interests and include rich media (images, emojis etc) for exceptional customer experiences.

Easy opt-in

Visitors don’t need to provide their email address, or even their name, to opt in. They simply click “yes” when the question is asked on your website.


“Web Push allows us to instantly communicate with our audience using personalised content at the optimal time. It’s immediacy, relevance and time-sensitivity make it unlike any other engagement channel currently out there. Xtremepush continues to be global leaders in their field, and enable us to create and deliver groundbreaking campaigns that dramatically improved our conversion rates.”

Nichola Wolfe, Customer Engagement Manager, Jobbio

Why choose Xtremepush for App Push?

  • Quick integration & deployment

  • Segmentation & personalisation

  • Real-time delivery

  • Customisable opt-in requests

  • Multi-language campaigns

  • A/B testing

  • Event triggers

  • Dynamic Content


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