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The Importance of Web Push Notifications for Retailers

Web Push Notifications are a unique communication channel that allows a company to send messages directly to customers via their browser on both smartphones and desktops through Web Push Messages. Notifications can be delivered when the user is on the website or more effectively when they have left the website and are browsing elsewhere. This enables the company to extend the reach of their website beyond the browser.

How do Web Push Notifications work?

Xtremepush makes it really easy to deliver engaging mobile and desktop web notifications from your website. Upon arriving on the site, visitors will receive a prompt on whether or not they would like to opt-in to receive notifications. If accepted the notifications will be delivered and when clicked it will send the person to a landing page which the sender had specified.

Why is Web Push important for Retailers

Cart abandonment is a major challenge faced by online retailers. According to Statista, 77.83% of shoppers have abandoned their retail carts in 2017. The availability of alternative merchandise to the consumer and the fact that your customers can shop 24/7 is a risk to your company. Cart abandonment Web Push Notifications demonstrates how Push Notifications can be utilised at its best. For example, if a customer has abandoned their shopping cart and is browsing on a competitor website they could receive a targeted promotion such as free delivery for 24 hours or 10% to entice them to return and complete purchase on your site.

Mobile web push ecommerce

Xtremepush showcased in our business use case series how we can help retailers increase web basket recovery with push notifications both on web and app. In this video, the customer selected their item and placed it in the basket but did not complete the purchase and left the site at a crucial stage. With the Xtremepush platform, the retailer could send a personalised push notification directly to the customer. Through one click they are brought seamlessly back to their basket where they can complete the purchase.

Desktop web push ecommerce

View our video ‘Basket Recovery in the Retail Industry’ from the business use case series here:

Benefits of using Web Push Notifications with Xtremepush

  1. Capture your customer’s attention instantly

The average time for a customer to view an email is 6.5 hours. By using Web Push, you can deliver instant push notifications to your target customers on their mobile & desktop browser at the best time.

  1. Re-engage your lapsed users

Xtremepush enables you to re-engage your lapsed users with direct remarketing. You can send instant behavioural web messages to build and retain your customer relationships. Also, reach out to dormant users by sending tailored breaking news updates, notifying customers when items are back in stock and more.

  1. Send Personalized Push Messages

Personalising push notifications is vital in getting your customers attention. With Xtremepush,  you can send personalised product recommendations to your customers based on their individual browsing and purchase history.

If you’d like to learn more about push notifications then we recommend checking our in-depth guide. It covers everything from set-up to best practices and use cases.Visit our Web Engagement page to find out more about Web Push and additional Web Engagement Channels. If you would like to have a demo and to discuss how Web Push could work for you, please get in touch with the Xtremepush team today.

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