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Web Push: Increase engagement by 20%

Xtremepush launched Web Push over a year ago which at the time was a very new channel. Since then the technology has matured and become a popular channel, particularly with verticals like online retail, gaming (Sports, Casino, Lotto etc.) and publishing.

Our customer results have been very compelling. Sites with no App and previously using SMS to do this type of push engagement are seeing 20% better engagement (opens) with Web Push Notifications compared to SMS. Depending on the level of targeting, conversion rates on opened Web Push Notifications are ranging from 20 – 40%.

Over the last year, we discovered that users found web push results harder to interpret than other channels – Mobile Push Notifications, In-App Messaging, Inbox, Email and SMS. This is because there are more variables when sending a Web Push Notification. Because of this, we have developed the most complete set of reporting and analytic features available for Web Push Notifications.

Here are some tips for analysing the performance of your web push channel.

Get the opt-in process right

Prompt your users to opt-in to web push notifications. We give you full control over when you prompt the user to opt-in. You can select the right time and value exchange message to increase opt-in rates.

Try a few different approaches to find out what gives you good opt-in rates and what keeps users opted-in. Use the tools available to track the numbers and compare which approach gives you the best results.

See how many users opt-in in a given week where you test an approach:

Web Push Opt in

And then filter push delivery and open stats and opt-outs by users who opted-in that week:


Remember the Browser Specific Behaviours

  • Chrome Mobile – notifications delivered like a Mobile App Push Notification and will appear on the lock screen and in notification tray
  • Chrome Desktop – Chrome must be open. If not open when the message is sent it will be delivered the next time it is open – if the message has not expired (It is common to set an expiry date and time on event-related messages, for example, a message about a sports event or a lotto draw)
  • Firefox Desktop – Firefox must be open. If not open when the message is sent it will be delivered the next time it is open – if message has not expired
  • Safari Desktop – notifications delivered when your Mac is open

View your user’s browser breakdown on our browsers analytics page:

When sending a campaign it is important to remember the specific browser behaviours. Most web push providers will not track real deliveries – delivery meaning a notification has appeared on the users device. Our campaign statistics will track real deliveries.

By knowing the browser behaviours you know that not all notifications will appear on your user’s devices immediately. If you have a short expiry time some notifications may never appear because the targeted user did not switch on their PC and open the browser between the send time and expiry time.

To see for yourself – we provide a full delivery and notification log of your recipient’s behaviour


Performance at browser and device level

Focus on the channels that are important to you. If you have a lot of Chrome Mobile users then you can hone in and see how web push is performing on different versions of Chrome and the Android OS:


Focus on Conversions

Web Push has the same goal conversion tracking capability as all other channels. Tag the important user events on your site and link them to your campaign if it has specific goals. This allows you measure if campaigns are meeting their objectives and not just getting high open rates. If doing promoted messaging for other brands we allow you to call a third party tracking endpoint on delivery/open rates if they want to independently track impressions.

A/B Test your Content

You can A/B test web push notifications by varying your copy, experimenting with personalisation and trying different images to find out what your users find most compelling. Optimising content will improve conversions.

web-push-real-example-2       web-push-real-example-1

As Web Push continues to grow and deliver great results so will our platform. At Xtremepush we are continually working to enable our users to have access to best analytics and reporting systems.

To find out more about Web Push and our enterprise solution platform please get in touch.


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