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Mobile App Marketing- 5 Key Strategies to Success

Increasing app retention and driving engagement of app users is essential for any brand or company if they are serious about developing an effective mobile app marketing strategy. Here are 5 key areas you need to focus on in order to succeed:

1. Analyse your user engagement

Having a clear view on what users are actually doing inside the app and how they are engaging (or not engaging) is vital for any mobile marketing strategy. KPIs to look out for are: time since last visit, screens viewed or exited, buttons clicked, time spent per page, levels cleared, purchases made, device type and user demographics.

Setting up funnels and goals to analyse main user journeys and conversions is also extremely important to measure drop-off rates or cart abandonment, particularly for eCommerce apps.

2. Segment your Users

This is essentially the process of segmenting your app’s user base based on some common criteria, behaviour,or characteristics. Common segments might include number of days since last visit, number of sessions, page views, location, in-app purchase, abandoned shopping cart etc.

Having an understanding of how each subset of users behaves can enable marketers to engage with those users in a personalised manner to alter that behaviour, be it low engagement, or dropping off at a particular stage of a conversion.

3. Use Location based targeting

The ability to target users based on their location, utilising Geo Fencing or Beacons, is something that really sets mobile based marketing apart from web based marketing. Common uses of this targeting could include sending users a push notification as they enter or exit a particular location or after they have spent a particular amount of time in a location. In-app messages can also be personalised based on the user’s location leading to a richer customer experience.

4. Automate your messaging for increased context

The combination of segmentation, location and automation can lead to a hyper-personal experience for app users, thereby providing limitless opportunities for marketers. The ability to automatically send a push notification or in-app message, based on a combination of past and present behaviour along with the user’s defined location, really gives marketers the ability to meaningfully engage with the right person at the right place and at the right time.

An example of this would be to message a user of a retail clothing app as she walked by a store with a personalised message promoting a new season offer on footwear based on the customer’s recent app activity.

5. Look beyond Cost Per Install for Attribution Analysis

While Cost Per Install (CPI) is a very important metric to judge how your marketing campaigns are performing, it is also important to analyse where the best installs are coming from in order to maximise your campaign ROI. Certain networks may be great for driving installs but many new app users may not have had any active app sessions to date or completed any in app goals.

By analysing post-install events of your campaigns and users/from a campaign and user perspective, you can really pinpoint media sources and channels that not only deliver an install but also a loyal user who meets your goals. This will enable you to intelligently invest in campaigns and networks that are driving the best installs.

The next steps in your mobile app marketing

Concentrating on the above 5 areas will set you on the road to mobile marketing success with a more engaged app audience. This will help you drive the lifetime value of your app users and thankfully we are here to help you!

The Xtremepush mobile marketing automation platform is a unique end-to-end platform that can provide you with all the above data and targeting capabilities from within one dashboard.

If you would like to hear more how xtremepush can supercharge your mobile marketing campaigns, please get in touch and we would be happy to set up a demo.

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