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May 2020 Product Update: Enhancing the Single Customer View

Following last month’s major update of the Xtremepush platform, our development team has just released another significant round of improvements. 

The May release focuses exclusively on the platform’s Single Customer View (SCV) capability, enhancing the visibility and accessibility of your customers’ data across all channels and campaigns.

Several pages of existing data have now been merged into a single, user-friendly location. 

Our aim is to help you more efficiently manage your customers’ data at an individual level, as well providing a better understanding of your relationship with each of them.

From a GDPR and data-privacy perspective, it will make it easier than ever to action Subject Access Requests, with the ability to review all data in one location and quickly export, modify or remove a customer’s profile data as per their request. 

Release highlights include:

  • A new user-friendly UI to search customer profiles
  • With merging of multiple pages of customer data into one area
    • This creates a comprehensive Single Customer View
    • Different data types including devices used, events fired, marketing permissions etc, are easily accessible on different tabs

Within each project, when you navigate to Data>Users>Profiles you will be able to seamlessly view (and where applicable, edit) an individual user’s data across the following tabs; Data, Channels, Devices, Messages, Tags, Sessions, Events, Locations.

Here is an overview of each tab and how it will benefit platform users.


This tab contains a basic overview of the customer’s profile, including their User I.D. and contact information. If required, platform users with the correct access-permission can update/delete this data as per the customer’s request.  You will also be able to view and create attributes associated with the profile. There is a record of when each attribute was last modified.


Here you will find a comprehensive list of all marketing subscriptions that the customer has opted-in for. Again, depending on your permission-access, this may be updated as required. In the instance of app and web push notifications, you can see which device was used to subscribe/unsubscribe. You can also now see, at a glance, the various channels that this customer is addressable through.


In this tab, you will find a full list of all known devices associated with a customer’s profile. It is a highly visual tab, displaying the exact makes and models used. Clicking on a particular device will provide further details of the version of operating system or browser it currently uses, as well the app version installed and network carrier (where applicable).


Here you will find a full overview of every message that the customer has received from you, sent from the Xtremepush platform. It includes data such as the campaign name and channel (email, SMS, Push etc), delivery date, open status and open date. This will help to understand the customer’s engagement activity with you over time.


In this tab, you will find a summary of all the tags associated with this profile. You can search by date range, tag name, metric, value, application or Device I.D.


Here you will be able to view each specific event-hit that the customer has triggered across your website and/or mobile app. This gives you a comprehensive visibility of the customer’s journey and behaviour to date. You can search by date range, event name, value, application or device I.D.


This tab will provide an overview of any and all location-hits a customer has triggered, based on both the geofences and iBeacons you have set up. The most visited locations are presented at a glance through a visual heat-map. You can search by data range, specific location, entrance or exit, address, iBeacon/geofence, application (iOS or Android) or Device I.D.

Support Documentation

We’d like to remind you that our support documentation is moving to a new home. All guides for changes in this release can be found at https://docs.xtremepush.com. Over the coming months, we will be migrating existing documentation to this location. The old home (support.xtremepush.com) is still available in the meantime.

Wrapping up

If you have any questions or comments to make about this release please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be delighted to hear your feedback.

We will be rolling out several more major updates throughout the year, which we look forward to sharing with you down the line.

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