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July 2020 Product Update: UX enhancements and client requests

The platform update for July has been released. This month we have made further improvements to the U.X./U.I. of our Single Customer View, as well as including a number of features as requested by clients.

Data Management

Data Manager added

Perhaps the most noticeable change is to the Data section of a project. A Data Manager Section has been added, replacing the following pages: 

    • Data>Users>Attributes & Tags
    • Data>Locations
    • Data>Behaviour

These pages can now all be accessed from a single section. This will improve the user experience when creating and editing various data points collected within each project.

Data Manager

Last-seen data added to Location History

Within Data>Profiles>Location, it is now possible to view the Last Seen Date as part of a customer’s Most Visited Locations data.


Better Sender functionality for email

A feature that was requested by a number of clients is the ability to set a Reply-To Address that is independent to the From Address. You can now also create From Addresses that are available only in specific projects.

Ability to add merge tags to emails in the builder

When creating an email using the builder tool you can now add merge tags by clicking on the Merge tags section of the toolbar.

New campaign creation features

Ability to copy templates between projects

It is now possible to import email templates created within another project. Users who have access to multiple projects can copy templates between projects which have the same engagement channels enabled.

Improved scheduling for triggered campaigns

Another improvement made in response to client requests is the ability to set an exact stop time for a triggered campaign and not just a stop date. This will let marketers be more specific about when campaigns run so they can match specific promotion run times. 

Enforced audience count at campaign approval stage

Within Engagement Rules & Categories, users with the necessary permission will be able to enforce, on a per project basis, an audience count on campaign approval. 

When this is set, a pop-up will display the estimated number of recipients before the campaign is approved. This has been requested by clients who have wanted to impose the stricter workflows already in place for SMS and Whatsapp across the board.

Additional improvements

  • Search project by company name

Exactly as it sounds. It is now possible for users with provider-level access to search projects by company name as well as the project name.

  • Updated campaign list pages (live & past)

These pages have been brought inline with our new U.I.

In addition to what we’ve outlined above, there are also a number of smaller improvements included in this release. A full list can be found here.

Support Documentation

We’d like to remind you that our support documentation is moving to a new home. Over the coming months, we will be migrating existing documentation to this location. The old home (support.xtremepush.com) is still available in the meantime.

Wrapping up

If you have any questions or comments to make about this release please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be delighted to hear your feedback.

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