The August update of the Xtremepush platform is now live, enhancing our platform UI and introducing multiple improvements to the journey builder. It also 

Enhanced Campaign Management UI

We introduced clearer tabs for each campaign category; Live, Past, Draft and Future. This will make it easier to search and find specific campaigns. Navigate to Existing Campaigns to explore each of these tabs. Note: Draft campaigns can still be accessed via Create Campaign as usual, though this will likely be phased out in a future release.

Journey Builder: Event data available for use

Event data can now be used within the Journey Builder as content in a message, criteria with decisions or even dynamic values within delays. This allows for use cases which require the same user to be passing through different points in the same workflow at different times with different sets of event data. (e.g. multiple product purchases).

“Reply to opt-out” function added for SMS

For SMS clients using the Vonage gateway, you can now include an “Reply to opt-out” option. This can be used instead of the opt-out link. Note: This is only possible if you have a dedicated short code.

Choosing an opt-out solution sets this for your campaign by default. In order to use the chosen solution in your campaigns, you need to enable it from the SMS tab while creating your campaign.

This function supports multi-language campaigns, with each specific message set within Settings > Channels > SMS Settings.

New Integration: Lithium

A new integration with Lithium is now available for configuration within the Integrations Marketplace. 

When this integration is in place, any promotion that you have created in Lithium’s bonus platform will be available to tag as part of your campaigns within Xtremepush. 

Select Add Promotion during the campaign reaction process, as in the screenshot below, select the desired promotion and set the amount. Note: the value amount must be set in Xtremepush, not Lithium, before sending the campaign.

Miscellaneous updates:

  • Add email address to shared segments matching rules
    Allowing for matching users across devices.
  • Remove unused saved rows from the premium email builder
    Clean up your working area by renaming or removing previously created saved rows in the email builder.
  • Increased journey builder canvas size
    Giving you room to create those more complex workflow campaigns.

About Xtremepush

A comprehensive list of everything included in this release can be found here, and you can read our blog post which covers the major changes in more detail. 

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on this release. Please feel free to get in touch with your account manager to let them know if these improvements are beneficial to you and what you’d like to see in future releases.