April’s update of the Xtremepush platform covers a broad range of additions and improvements. Throughout the year we’ll be announcing details of exciting new integrations, starting this month with Shopify.

We’re also continuing to expand the range of User Roles available within the platform, accounting for the varying levels of permissions and access your team members need.

Shopify integration

We’re happy to announce that the integration between Xtremepush and the Shopify eCommerce platform is now live and available to configure from the Integrations Marketplace. This allows for seamless synchronisation of User Attributes and Event Data, enabling personalised customer engagement throughout the lifecycle. Over the coming months, this integration will be further enhanced and expanded to include Product data, facilitating even more use cases out-of-the-box.

SMS: Opt-out link added

Adding opt-out links to SMS is now as easy as selecting from a drop-down menu, without the need to copy and paste from an external source. The link is automatically configured to send the user to a fully customisable unsubscribe page and will update the users addressable status directly.

Note: The actual character length of the unsubscribe link will be much shorter than in the example shown above, and will not impact too heavily on your character limit.

Introduction of Customer ID 

We have added a new Profile identifier attribute called Customer ID. This can be used alongside User ID and Email address for full control over Profile identification and matching with connected platforms.

New User Role added

A new user role has been added to the platform. Campaign and Data Managers will have access to all areas of the project from setting up and running campaigns, to gaining access to the profile overview pages to view data on profile data. Their only restrictions will be editing of profiles and updating of project settings. 

Wrapping up

A comprehensive list of everything included in this release can be found here, and you can read our blog post which covers the major changes in more detail. 

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on this release. Please feel free to get in touch with your account manager to let them know if these improvements are beneficial to you and what you’d like to see in future releases.