Our first major product update of 2020 has just been released, and we know it’s going to really enhance the overall experience of the Xtremepush platform. This is merely stage one of what will be a significant programme of updates rolled out across the year. We will be adding a lot of new capabilities. We will also be enhancing the overall UX & UI of the platform to improve existing capabilities. This includes upgrading the entire front-end for a smoother, faster transmission between screens.

Release Highlights:
  • NEW Navigation
  • NEW Project Dashboard
  • Easier Channel Management
  • NEW Integrations Marketplace

User Interface, Navigation Menu & Project Dashboard

You will immediately notice some of the UX & UI changes from this release on the project selection page that appears after you log in. Here the changes are largely cosmetic, apart from the removal of the Project Settings icon. Project Settings are now accessed from the navigation menu within each project.

When you enter a project the project navigation menu on the left-hand side of the dashboard is now open by default for clearer wayfinding. This can still be collapsed if you need more space for certain work like creating a campaign.

The project dashboard has had a total overhaul to be relevant no matter what channel mix you use in a project. You’ll now have instant visibility of the core engagement metrics for each of your active channels for the current day. There is a date picker in the top right if you want to change the date range of the dashboard view. You will also see some top line Mobile App activity stats and the top real time events from your apps & websites if you use those features. There is a switch to return to the old dashboard if needed while you adjust to the changes.

Channel Settings

We have significantly improved the management area for channel settings. All channel settings have been brought into one area ( Settings > Channels). This should provide a much clearer layout of settings. And give better visibility and control over channel configuration and global rules related to messaging.

Under Settings > Channels you will now find a tabbed interface for full management of 

  • Enabled channels
  • Global rules like:
    • If broadcast message sends are allowed
    • If message category rules are enforced and what these are
      • Categories can include rules for
        • Service message categories that can ignore marketing  subscription
        • Message categories that are restricted to certain audiences
        • Message categories for marketing automations that have recency and frequency capping
    • Addition of tracking params to links
  • Individual channel configs for email, sms, push notifications, etc

Integrations Marketplace

This release sees the launch of the Xtremepush Integrations Marketplace. This is a dedicated portal to house all available and configured 3rd Party integrations. This area is a new addition to the platform and many more integrations will be added to the marketplace over the coming weeks and months. The Integrations Marketplace is accessible from the settings section of the project navigation menu. Here you can connect the Xtremepush platform to a third-party system, or request assistance from your account manager regarding an integration where required.

One of the key features of the Xtremepush platform is how easily it integrates with other solutions within a brand’s techstack. Our integrations with CRM systems, Customer Data Platforms, Marketing Hubs, Attribution Platforms and digital marketing essentials like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, help brands to get even more value from their marketing ecosystem. With the addition of our marketplace we plan to add support for many more out of the box integrations with 3rd Party systems to make Xtremepush even easier to integrate.

Our support documentation is moving!

Our platform docs are moving to a new home. The new UI guides for the changes in this release can be found at https://docs.xtremepush.com, along with integration guides and our API reference. More guides will be added here over the coming weeks. The old home (support.xtremepush.com) is still available in the meantime.

Wrapping up

You can tell we’ve been very busy these last few months. If there’s anything that you’d like further information or clarification on, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll happily talk you through it!

As we’ve mentioned, there are many more improvements to be rolled out throughout the year. We’ll share those with you as soon as we can.