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A Data-Driven Approach to Marketing

John Best, founder of Best Innovation Group (BIG), is a recognised thought leader and visionary of technology advancements and financial application development within the financial services industry. Best Innovation Group is a technology innovation and development company specialising in the financial industry. They currently have hundreds of financial institutions working with their team of experts in designing technology solutions to fit their growing needs.

Best launched a new podcast series which forms the BIGcast Network. The BIGcast is a twice weekly podcast and topics include financial news and thought leadership episodes in the areas of Business Strategy, Innovation, Payments and Leadership to financial institutions globally.

John first came across Xtremepush at the Temenos Community Forum (TCF) in Lisbon. TCF is one of the largest financial services conferences in the world, attracting a large global audience of more than 1,500 delegates comprising Temenos customers, partners, employees, investors as well as other industry experts. Xtremepush were presenting as part of the Fintech Temenos Innovation Jam, which is where Temenos invite the best Fintech companies from around the world, to enter their demos to compete in the Innovation Jam finals. Following Lisbon, John contacted Xtremepush to find out more about the Multi-Channel Analytics and Engagement platform, request a full demo and to arrange a Podcast with our CEO, Tommy Kearns.

Listen to the podcast here: A Data-Driven Approach to Marketing

Podcast: A Data-Driven Approach to Marketing


During the podcast, John Best and Tommy Kearns discuss

  • How Xtremepush uses analytics and technology to create data-driven results
  • Communicating to customers using the relevant channels at the right time
  • Determining what members prefer which marketing channels
  • Channels, contextual banking, continuity of services, and the importance of analytics to bring these services to your members
  • A GDPR use case, why it is important for US organisations to understand their GDPR responsibilities and why Xtremepush views GDPR as an opportunity
  • Ineffective loyalty programs, and activating customers with effective programs
  • Marketing message templates, and determining how and when to target a customer
  • What to measure when creating marketing programs
  • Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and predictive lending

To find out more about B.I.G Fintech Media and listen to more Podcasts, visit their website.

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