WiL (Where it’s Live)

Leveraging the power of location to engage users with hyper-relevant messaging


Increased In-App Traffic


Promotion Conversion rate

‘xtremepush’s location-targeting technology has been invaluable as we now have the ability to target users by location with real-time messaging’

–Padraig Shanley, CEO, WiL


The challenge facing Where It’s Live (WIL) was how to engage users based on their location to promote live sports events & the latest promotions in bars.

Previously, personalised app notifications based on sporting preferences had been instrumental in keeping WIL app users engaged, along with promoting the bars and venues who were featured on the app.

WIL then teamed up with international drinks brand Heineken who were looking to run a location-specific promotion in select venues during key sporting events within Dublin City Centre.


Using xtremepush Geo-Fencing location targeting, a campaign promoting venues that were running the promotion was created to automatically send a Push Notification to users of WIL when in the proximity of the venues during selected sports events. In addition, iBeacons were utilised to send further information about the promotional offer to users of WIL as they entered or while they were present in the selected venues.

The offer was redeemed using an in-app voucher within the bar, enabling full visibility of redemption numbers for both the venues and the brand.


With the ability to target users who were in the right place at the right time with hyper-relevant messaging, WIL experienced a huge spike in app usage of 205%. This was due to users engaging with the app to find additional information about the venues, the sporting events they were showing, along with information about the promotion after the Push notifications were sent.

For the venues who were participating in the promotion, this contextual location targeting of users while they were in the vicinity of the venue resulted in a significant increase in foot-fall while the promotion was running with all venues reporting increased numbers of customers and revenue.

The on premises messaging to users informing them about the promotion also resulted in very high participation of the promotion with an 82% conversion rate.

Continual Engagement

Heineken, who ran the promotion were able to run a compelling, engaging and non-intrusive promotion raising their profile with users in venues during popular sporting events.

As the offer was redeemed using an in app voucher WIL has utilised xtremepush’s segmentation and automated targeting to target these users in the future with brand related messages from WIL enabling a continual discussion between the lager brand and their customers.

WIL is using xtremepush’s audience segmentation, location based targeting and automated messaging to engage directly with their users based on their sports preferences, the venues they have frequented and any promotions they have taken part in. This personalised targeting is helping WIL engage with their users in a very contextual manner while also closing the marketing loop between brands, venues and end users of the app.


Padraig Shanley – CEO of WIL (Where It’s Live)

‘Xtremepush has been an integral part of our mobile marketing strategy, enabling us to target and message users based on their in -app interests and location. The ability to target Wil users based on particular teams or sporting events they follow means we are only sending relevant information to our users. The location targeting functionality has also been invaluable as we now have the ability to target users if they are near selected bars with promotional information.’

WiL (Where Its Live)

Where It’s Live (WIL) is a sports and entertainment app that provides its users with information, including what bars and venues are showing live sporting events, what drinks and food they serve and what special offers they are currently running.