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See how a media organisation increased app engagement by over 300%


Increased In-App Usage

‘Xtremepush’s mobile engagement platform is simple to integrate, very user friendly from a campaign management perspective and has shown great results.’

–Patrick Lenehan, CTO,

The Xtremepush Mobile Engagement Platform is designed with media and entertainment organizations in mind to allow them to increase reader engagement and drive brand loyalty.


In the constantly evolving media environment, news organisations have to adapt and react to their customers needs quickly. Digital innovation has majorly transformed the media landscape and businesses have shifted their focus from a traditional paper-based model to an online model. How can these brands gain a greater understanding of their online channel? How can they analyse their app users, segment their audience, engage in a relevant manner and deliver breaking news at the speed of light?


The Independent needed a robust app analytics solution which would provide them with real-time insights into their app users’ behaviour. Utilising these insights, users can be easily segmented for targeted app engagement campaigns to build a loyal user base and to ensure that retention levels are a KPI that can be monitored and achieved for the organisation.


The Independent can now see through Xtremepush’s analytics how effective their push notification and in-app messaging campaigns have been. Compared to the previous year, there has been a 300% increase in app usage. The sharp increase in app engagement has led to improved advertising revenue and strong retention levels. It has also provided the Independent with unique powerful insights of their online readership that have greatly enhanced their cross-channel marketing strategy.


Patrick Lenehan, CTO,

‘We have used Xtremepush to comprehensively understand the behaviour of our app users. Using Audience Segmentation, our team can drill into reader usage profiles to understand how our readers interact with our app. Xtremepush provides the tools for media marketers to effectively engage with their customers in a relevant and compelling manner. In the case of lapsed or infrequent users, we can now target these readers based on the last time they opened the app or from the date they first downloaded or updated the app.’

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