Enhancing the customer experience with personalised, location-based messaging

Mission & Results

As part of improving communication with their customers, TBC Bank currently have a number of campaigns live which aim to improve engagement, increase revenue and deliver a high standard of customer service.


Higher open rate with personalised engagement


Increase in open rate with proximity targeting engagement


Higher open rate with location-targeted, personalised engagement

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TBC Bank

TBC Bank is the largest banking group in Georgia with a clear ambition to be the best digital financial services company in the region.

The digital capability of TBC Bank is a key area for growth with a focus on a multi-channel distribution platform, which consists of TBC bank branches, payment terminals, ATMs, call centres, internet and mobile banking. As a result of a long-term focus on alternative channels, 88% of all retail transactions were remote in 2017, while the remaining 12% were conducted in branches.

TBC feedback
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Working with Xtremepush


Giorgi Vakhtangishvili, Mobile Team Leader

“Working with the Xtremepush platform has been an easy transition for TBC Bank and the team who work on it every day. The Xtremepush platform functionality is very easy to understand and use. The users of the Xtremepush platform on a day-to-day basis find it very easy to use and a useful tool. It enables our teams to automate campaigns and set-up templates. They also find it very straight-forward to educate and train new users.”