In-App Messages

Increase in-app engagement and conversions

Connect with your app users at every stage of the funnel with personalised in-app messages. It’s a highly effective channel, suitable for every business goal. Choose from discrete banners or full-page takeovers depending on your objectives and brand preferences.

How will On-Site Messages help you grow?

Roughly 70% of consumers who download a new app are dormant, or delete the app entirely, within 3 days. In-app messages can help you connect with your audience in real time and nudge them through the early life cycle towards becoming regular users. And once you’ve done that, in-app messages are a perfect way to share the latest deals and even recover abandoned purchases.


Typical engagement rates for in-app messages are approx 10%


When the in-app message is personalised with high-value content this can climb as high as 20%

Onboard new app users

Getting a new user set up and registered on the app is a crucial stage in the early stages of the customer lifecycle. Welcome new users when they first open the app and guide them through its key features with an automated series of helpful messages.

Increase app engagement & revenue

Highlight the most useful or exciting features of your app to help users get more value from it. Keep them engaged for longer with personalised content, or share promotions and special offers to drive revenue.

Encourage app users to opt in for push notifications

iOS users need to be persuaded to opt in for push notifications. In-app messages are the perfect way to communicate the value of subscribing and even help you win back users who have previously opted out.

Goal-specific triggers

Deliver the perfect in-app message at exactly the right time. Choose from any number of behavioural events or profile attributes to trigger a campaign.

Multiple CTAs

Each in-app message can include multiple CTAs, giving you the ability to execute business goals from every part of your app.

High visibility and engagement

In-app messages are delivered while the user is within all. This makes it a powerful channel to share exciting content and enticing promotions.

Why choose Xtremepush for In-App Messages?

  • Segmentation & personalisation

  • Customisable style and format

  • Real-time delivery

  • Detailed campaign analytics & A/B/n testing

  • Multi-language campaigns

  • Event and behavioural triggers

  • Quick integration & deployment

  • Modular platform


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