Enhancing their user’s multi-channel experience


App customers value


Increase in monthly app users

‘Multi-channel campaigns, email and push, are on average 37% more effective in conversion’

– Mark Harkin, CRM Manager,  BetBright

BetBright are a leading online gambling group that operate in the UK and Ireland. They launched their app as an additional channel to consolidate how their customers interacted with them. As the Mobile App is an important channel in the gaming industry, BetBright needed a marketing platform which would allow them to progress in their industry and remain at the forefront of their customer’s mind.

The challenges facing BetBright

BetBright faced the challenge of understanding their customer. They required an analytics solution which would provide them with real-time user insights, intelligent user segmentation and targeted engagement. They also required a platform that could deliver targeted push notification campaigns at scale.

How Xtremepush helped

Xtremepush provided an easy SDK integration and deployment to Betbright. The Xtremepush platform gave BetBright a detailed visual view of their customer. The visual dashboard enables BetBright to see how their customers are engaging with them and what communication they most engage with. This is vital information for BetBright when creating campaigns and driving app engagement.

Actionable analytics enable BetBright to increase customer retention, build brand loyalty and deliver highly targeted, personalised messaging.

Utilising the In-App messaging feature to communicate with their app users in a dedicated location, BetBright are able to communicate with users who have not opted in for push notifications.

A key requirement for BetBright was to ensure their customer could make frictionless transactions when using their app. Firstly when registering as a new user and setting up an account – BetBright could identify their new users drop off point and through personalised messaging encourage them to complete the registration.

Secondly when making transactions on the app. Through highly targeted messaging BetBright could introduce a frictionless gambling solution to their users. They had the ability to build customer profiles which enabled them to create use studies for their customers.


According to Mark Harkin, CRM Manager at BetBright, 70% of their customers are coming through their mobile browsing and app channels with the remaining 30% from desktop. BetBright will continue to invest in mobile and app solutions as they identify the importance of app as a channel. More apps are in the pipeline for BetBright in 2017.

“This was made possible with the confidence BetBright have in what the Xtremepush platform and the service their team offers us [BetBright]. As Xtremepush are experts in the industry, leading the way with new platform features and services offerings, we trust the insight they provide us with. We lean on Xtremepush for their advice on what new tools or features we should implement to stay ahead in our industry.”

“There are more opportunities for BetBright to explore with Xtremepush as we are still working towards utilising more of the offerings on their dashboard. In 2017, we will be adding more apps to our offering and we will look to introduce more in-app features and location marketing which is available on the Xtremepush platform.”

Key stats for BetBright

  • In the last 12 months, BetBright saw a high of 20.4% increase in monthly app users
  • App users engage in an average of 28 sessions per month
  • Multi-channel campaigns, email and push, are on average 37% more effective in conversion
  • Customers who use the app have 157% more future value than solo desktop customers
Mark BetBright

Mark Harkin, CRM Manager, BetBright

“As Xtremepush lead the way in their industry with new platform features and service offerings, we lean on Xtremepush for their advice on what new tools or features we should implement to stay ahead in our industry”


BetBright is a leading online gambling group that operates in the UK and Ireland.