App Push Notifications

Increase app engagement

Bring customers back into your mobile app with dynamic, personalised messages. Create engaging campaigns for every stage of the customer lifecycle, from onboarding to upselling and retention. Leverage Bluetooth Beacons and Geofencing to connect with customers based on their current or last-known location.

How will App Push help you to grow?

App push delivers results at every stage of the customer’s mobile journey. It’s a must-have channel for any brand looking for a better ROI from their mobile app. We’ve helped our clients turn millions of customers into regular app users through personalised, real-time notifications.

8% CTR

Personalised app pushes perform consistently well, delivering an average 8% CTR for relevant campaigns.

Engage new app users

Over 70% of downloads are inactive within 3 days of the initial installation unless you can do something about it! Make sure that users experience the true value of your app with an automated welcome campaign.

Recover abandoned carts

Recover lost sales and boost revenue with real-time messages that nudge customers back to their abandoned carts within your app. Deeplink the notification to take them straight back to where they left off.

Reduce customer churn

Leverage our enterprise-grade behavioral analytics to identify app users at risk of churn. Then send a personalised push notification to win them back before it’s too late. Regular, relevant content shared via push notifications can turn occasional users into active ones

High visibility & engagement

App pushes are delivered to a device as it’s in use, putting your message in the line of sight immediately.

Relevant, rich content

Personalise your messaging, segment users based on their interests and include rich media (images, emojis, gifs etc) for exceptional customer experiences.

Easy opt-in

Android users automatically give consent to receive pushes when they download the app. iOS users can be asked to opt in at any stage, but it’s better to wait until they’ve had time to explore.

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Tour operator with global presence

 Xtremepush has given us a genuine Single Customer View, enabling us to understand our customers’ online behaviour and preferences so that we can personalise communications across all digital touchpoints. The platform itself is easy-to-use and allows us to execute use cases without requiring input from developers.

 — Alice Tottman, CRM Manager, Big Bus Tours

Why choose Xtremepush for App Push?

  • Segmentation & personalisation

  • Rich media supported

  • Real-time delivery & dynamic content

  • Bluetooth Beacons & Geofencing

  • Detailed campaign analytics & A/B/n testing

  • Multi-language campaigns

  • Event and behavioural triggers

  • Intelligent delivery and automation

  • Quick integration & deployment

  • Modular platform


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