App Inbox

A customisable message centre within your app

Deliver personalised, persistent content to your entire app audience, even those who have not opted in for push notification. Create rich, impactful campaigns to drive business goals at every stage of the customer lifecycle, from onboarding to upselling and retention.

How will the App Inbox help you to grow?

It’s an eye-catching way to drive engagement, persistently storing messages that might otherwise disappear before they are opened. The inbox is a consistent performer for brands in every vertical, allowing them to get more value than ever from their mobile app.


Average engagement rate of 13.26% for personalised campaigns delivered to the app inbox

Promote your latest content and offers

Engage with every app user and segment your campaigns based on their individual preferences and behaviour for true relevance and better results.

Recover abandoned carts

Preserve your customers’ orders within their app inbox and re-engage them at a time when they are more likely to convert. With an inbox, you can keep the basket top of mind until the purchase is complete.

Increase app push opt-ins

The app inbox has a prominent on/off slider for users who are not currently opted in for app push. This gives you multiple opportunities to demonstrate value and win them over.

Universal reach

There will always be a portion of your app users who do not want to receive push notifications. The app inbox allows you to share the same content with those people in a way they won’t feel is intrusive.

Eye-catching icons & content

When a new message is delivered to the inbox, a badge appears over the app icon on the user’s home screen. This creates a desire to engage and explore. The messages themselves can include images and even gifs to increase their appeal.

Long-term visibility

Content delivered to the app inbox can be made permanent, or you can schedule it to last for a specific period of time. This makes it perfect for seasonal offers, product-launch campaigns or service messaging.

Why choose Xtremepush for App Inbox?

  • Segmentation & personalisation

  • Detailed campaign analytics

  • Multi-language campaigns

  • Customisable through HTML

  • Rich media

  • A/B/n testing

  • Event and behavioural triggers

  • Intelligent delivery & automation

  • Quick integration & deployment

  • Modular platform


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