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Case study


How Superbet increased their revenue with Xtremepush


About Superbet

Superbet is an award-winning tech & entertainment company based in Eastern Europe.

Over the last few years, they expanded into new markets and they needed the best possible engagement strategy to support their rapid growth. To deliver that, they needed a technology stack that would scale with them.

Superbet needed a partner with customer engagement capabilities that would integrate well with their proprietary platform. Previously, they needed a few different solutions in line with their fast growth objectives. This changed when they found Xtremepush.

In this story, Adrian Caprita, CRM and VIP Director at Superbet explains how Xtremepush helps them increase revenue, customer engagement, and retention.

The Obstacle:

Using multiple communication tools impeded growth. In their old setup, Superbet’s main blocker was using too many communication tools.

“We had to switch between multiple different tools to send out a campaign in multiple countries. This setup was complex and time-consuming. It required too much manual work. To fix that, we needed a tool that would bring everything into one platform,” Adrian says. 

As a rapidly growing company, they had a highly dynamic strategy to conquer the markets and needed a partner who could match their pace. 

 “Without centralised campaign management, it was hard to move as fast as we wanted to grow. We wanted to have one central team to operate communications for all territories. Having so many tools across different countries made it difficult to manage.”

To deliver a top-class user experience, the team developed their own proprietary back office platform. What the platform needed were customer engagement capabilities.

“Xtremepush have been integral for our journey towards launching our own proprietary platform. Our fast growth required us to move quickly. So, instead of building it ourselves, we looked for a strong global partner that would fill the customer engagement gap.”


The search for a global partner with strong capabilities

Soon after their search began, Superbet’s team found Xtremepush. “When we looked for a new tool, we focused on the key players on the market. Our top criteria were strong customer journey capabilities, ease of use, and how easy it is to integrate with our platform. Then, we realised Xtremepush was the best for our needs.”

The team appreciated the flexibility that Xtremepush offered.

“With some other tools, we’d have to buy the entire package, including features our own platform already had. It was hard to get only what we needed,” says Adrian.

In the end, the team chose Xtremepush as their customer engagement platform. “Xtremepush had an edge over all their competitors. The platform looked amazing, especially the customer journeys and the ease of creating a campaign. And the quality versus price ratio was very fair. They won us over.”

The solution: One place for all communications, less manual work

Thanks to Xtremepush, Superbet now has centralised control over all their communication channels in a single platform. They’re increasing customer engagement with the Xtremepush platform by:

Building customer journeys to automate workflows

The second key feature of Xtremepush that Superbet uses is building customer journeys. 

“The journey builder is a game changer. This feature saves us a lot of manual work, as it allows us to automate our workflows. Instead of creating fifty campaigns and triggering each one manually, we can now create two journey streams with twenty-five steps each and leave them to run.”

Previously, the CRM team had to create separate campaigns for each segment. 

“With multiple territories, it could easily be fifty campaigns per day. Automating this will save us a lot of time and resources.This also allows us to invest these resources in other types of projects, diversifying our operations. We can automate the workflows and invest our resources elsewhere,” Adrian says.

The team also expects to get better results with Xtremepush.

“We used to send emails in the early days, but had no way of triggering the next communication based on the customer’s interaction. With pre-built journeys, the campaign trigger is based on interaction data, not just on what we think customers want. So, if a customer didn’t open the first email, the next day they’ll get an SMS, or a push notification. Our journeys will be personalised and tailored to each customer. We couldn’t do this before.”

Using channels that increase reach and engagement

There are four main channels Superbet’s CRM team use on the Xtremepush platform: Mobile and Web push notifications, SMS, Email, and Inbox.

“Inbox messaging is new for us. It’s by far our most successful channel, both in terms of conversion and engagement. Open rates average around 30% but they peak as high as 90%. That’s a vast improvement compared to other channels we’ve used,” says Adrian.

Thanks to custom integrations, Superbet can now send out highly personalised Mobile Push Notifications, SMS and email campaigns.

“By using all the available channels, we now have a much wider reach. Our emails and push notifications reach an impressive number of customers in a matter of seconds. Once we’ve fully integrated our platform with Xtremepush, we’ll be able to send real-time campaigns based on user behaviour or specific user actions.”

Using customer data for more effective communication

The third feature that’s vital for Superbet is data reporting. With Xtremepush, the CRM team has access to data which they couldn’t use before. They can create tailor-made campaigns based on their customers’ needs and preferences.

“Interactions and engagement rates are important for us. That’s the type of data we need to communicate more effectively. Before, we could only check metrics like players’ deposits, registrations, or logins. With the full integration with Xtremepushwe’ll be able to react based on new data such as open rates, click rates, and engagement rates. We didn’t do this so much before, as it’s extra manual work. This will save us a lot of time,” adds Adrian.

The Benefits of Working with Xtremepush


One central place to manage all your communications

“By using the same platform across all your territories, you can have a central ops team that prepares all your communications from one place. It’s one of the main reasons why having a single platform makes our life so much easier.”

Unmatched support and speedy implementation

“The support we receive from Xtremepush is outstanding, and the implementation was fast. Everyone responds quickly when we need help. That’s important when you need to move fast. Sometimes, such integrations can take years. With Xtremepush, it was done in a few months.”


Cost savings thanks to new features

"We used to invest consistent amounts on SMS—the most expensive channel—for our important messages. Thanks to the Inbox feature, we don't use SMS so much anymore. We can make a big impact with project funds saved each month thanks to Xtremepush."

Ease of use

“Xtremepush is intuitive and easy to operate. When you’re growing your team, you might hire less experienced people. So, you need a platform that’s easy to understand and operate. With Xtremepush, everything is nice and clear. You get it right away.”

A global partner that grows with you

“Xtremepush is an important player on the market. That gives us the confidence that we can rely on them to deliver on all our needs, even if we keep growing, as they are growing, too. Having a strong partner also increases our customers’ and future partners’ trust in us.”

The result:

Higher engagement, revenue, and retention. The most important result Xtremepush has brought Superbet is higher engagement rates.

“We can engage more users, and our engagement rates have improved. Our Inbox open rates peak as high as 90%‌ with certain campaigns. That’s way above the industry average. It increases our promotions’ visibility, which prompts more people to try them out.”

Superbet’s turnover and revenue have increased, too.

“All our metrics depend on the engagement rate. They’ve all improved since our partnership with Xtremepush. The biggest impact we can see is on customer reactivation. When we engage inactive users, we have incredible results for the campaigns delivered via Xtremepush.”

Their campaigns help the CRM team deliver on their strategy to increase customer retention.

“Xtremepush have been integral for our journey towards launching our own proprietary platform. Our fast growth required us to move quickly. So, instead of building it ourselves, we looked for a strong global partner that would fill the customer engagement gap.”


“Thanks to the engagement capabilities in the Xtremepush platform, we’re able to retain the majority of new users after major events, such as the 2022 World Cup. This far exceeds industry averages. In the past, this number would have dropped off significantly after the event ended. We’re excited about bringing the full power of the platform to bear in the future and continue to improve customer loyalty.”

Adrian Caprita, CRM & VIP Director at Superbet

Adrian Caprita

CRM and VIP Director

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