Not making a return because it never went away!

With an average open rate over 90%, SMS is a powerful marketing channel; simple, effective and here to stay. It’s a chance to engage directly with offline customers and those who haven’t opted in for push notifications or subscribed to your emails.

Transactional and service messages

SMS is the perfect channel for delivering urgent information that just can’t wait. Deliver important reminders and updates at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Sales and promotions

Share your latest products and offers, promote flash sales and upsell when the opportunity arises.

Added security

SMS is frequently used to share sensitive data (like passwords and pin codes) offline. Make your customers feel extra secure when dealing with you.


SMS is a deeply personal channel and your messages need to respect that! Layer in customer data to keep them relevant and maintain a strong relationship.

Multichannel campaigns

Support your SMS campaigns with other channels like email, push notifications and vice versa. Create truly multichannel strategies that connect with customers across every touchpoint.

Speed & scale

Xtremepush handles massive volumes through SMS, providing outstanding deliverability and speed for our clients.

Why choose Xtremepush for SMS

  • Segmentation

  • Personalisation

  • Real-time delivery

  • Detailed campaign analytics

  • Multi-language campaigns

  • Scheduling

  • Marketing permission management

  • Google Analytics & CRM integrations

  • Event triggers

  • Behavioural triggers

  • Intelligent delivery

  • Modular platform


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