How to master real-time marketing

Combine customer data with instant engagement to drive business goals at speed and scale

What does real-time marketing mean?

Sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

Real-time marketing in 2019 is all about delivering personalised, contextually relevant messages on the devices and channels that matter most to your audience, whether that’s an email, a push notification, or an SMS.

This does not mean hijacking popular trends on social media, however! These are manual, ad-hoc tactics that may garner attention, but don’t necessarily influence consumers towards completing business goals.

More importantly, they are not repeatable.

True real-time engagement is personalised, automated and instant

Truthfully, the term “marketing” isn’t quite right. It goes deeper than that.

Really, we’re talking about customer engagement.

Increasingly, brands are moving away from the “spray and pray” tactics of blast messaging.

If you want to outpace your competitors you must understand your audience’s individual preferences and objectives, and deliver the right information as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

What should you look for in a service provider?

There are four essential ingredients in successful real-time campaigns; delivery speed, actionable customer analytics, cross-channel capabilities and a robust customer journey builder. If any of these elements is lacking then the performance of your campaigns will suffer.

Speed of delivery

Having the technical ability to actually deliver a message in real time is fundamental. Many service providers claim they can do so but regularly fall well short of expectations. You must be able to capitalise on engagement opportunities as they occur, not two minutes or even thirty seconds later! Xtremepush is an enterprise-grade solution that ensures instant delivery.

Deep customer analytics

One of the biggest barriers to real-time engagement is siloed data. The Xtremepush platform allows you to track users’ identities across different devices, giving you a true Single Customer View. You can then create detailed segments, based on known attributes (age, location etc) and online behaviour (pages viewed, items bought etc).

Multichannel capabilities

Relying on disconnected point solutions for each channel will limit your ability to intelligently engage with your audience. Xtremepush has been purpose-built for multichannel engagement, allowing you to reach your users on every device and channel in real time, from a single dashboard. The platform is also modular, allowing you to begin with as many channels as you like and expand organically over time.

Journey builder

Real-time engagement is only scalable if you are able to automate your campaigns. Manually creating and sending messages is simply too time-consuming and error-prone. By building automated workflows, based on smart, dynamic templates you ensure that every message contains contextually relevant information pulled in from data repositories.

Working with Xtremepush

The Xtremepush platform is an agile, next-generation solution that simplifies real-time engagement. Our team will work with you to develop and roll out use cases specifically designed to drive your brand’s business goals.

“Xtremepush will give you just as much attention after the sale as they did before the sale. They really want you to ensure that you’re getting the best out of the system. They took the time to understand our use cases, to understand how we work as a business and that makes all the difference. We’re able to build campaigns that have an awareness of the customer, how they want to be engaged with and also what they want to hear about”.

Adam Palmerini, Head of CRM at Oddschecker


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