Xtremepush vs Optimove - Which solution is the best for CRM Marketers?

Meet Xtremepush: The Most Future-Proof Optimove Alternative

Xtremepush is advanced CRM Marketing solution that combines Real-Time CDP, AI and all the channels you will ever need to achieve your marketing goals.

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"Really Great Platform for CRM marketers!"


"Xtremepush is a game changer"


"Excellent CRM Tool for any industry especially gaming!"


"Easy to use, and great results!"


"Best communication platform I have used!"


"Exceptional Product and service!"

Why Xtremepush?

Curious how we compare against Optimove?

Data from G2 CDP Comparison – October 2023

Meets Requirements 94%
Ease of Use 90%
Ease of Setup 85%
Ease of Admin 88%
Quality of Support 96%
Is the product a good business partner? 97%
Product Direction (% positive) 100%
Meets Requirements 86%
Ease of Use 86%
Ease of Setup 77%
Ease of Admin 90%
Quality of Support 92%
Is the product a good business partner? 89%
Product Direction (% positive) 90%

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