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Meet Xtremepush: The Most Future-Proof Optimove Alternative

Xtremepush is advanced CRM Marketing solution that combines Real-Time CDP, AI and all the channels you will ever need to achieve your marketing goals.


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Uplift in signups and deposits

“Xtremepush has had a really nice impact in the way that we can put our campaigns together, measure them in a more meaningful way that we couldn’t do before, and opened up extra avenues through new channels.” 

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Adam Shaw

CRO, Superbet

The Most Complete Customer Engagement Solution On The Market


A True Real Time Solution

Xtremepush offers real-time data throughout the entire platform as opposed to real-time events only. This ensures that everything from campaign triggering to data upload and campaign analysis is based on the most up to date data.


All Channels You Will Ever Need

We offer the most comprehensive selection of built-in channels to ensure you can start with the channels you need and add more as you grow without the need to add additional point solutions to your marketing stack.

Powerful And Explainable AI 

We guarantee transparent, dependable and high-quality AI models, which sets us apart from other brands that offer black box solutions making it impossible to verify the accuracy and quality of the results.

The Most Complete Solution

In addition to our Real-Time CDP, advanced AI and the most comprehensive channel offering, we offer a proprietary Gamification Engine that allows you to gamify customer experiences to skyrocket customer engagement and loyalty.


Curious how we compare against Optimove?

Data from G2 CDP Comparison – October 2023




Buyer's guide checklist

We can certainly offer you a side-by-side comparison of Xtremepush and Optimove. However, what may be true today might not hold up tomorrow. Therefore, we would rather provide you with a universal set of requirements that will help you choose the right solution for your needs both now and in the future.