How Oddschecker increased their active user base by 20%

Mission & Results

Oddschecker deployed Xtremepush in 2018, to drive engagement. In 2023 Oddschecker is experiencing a 71% year-on-year increase in click rate and an 81% increase in clicks to open.

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Established in 2001, Oddschecker is the world’s number-one odds comparison website. In late 2018, they began working with us to consolidate their engagement channels and enhance their digital marketing strategy. Five years on, Oddschecker is still using Xtremepush, using the platform to execute real-time multichannel campaigns across web push, app push, email, web pop-up and in-app inbox to drive player engagement and grow revenue.

World’s number one odds comparison website

Objectives and results

Oddschecker began working with Xtremepush in 2018 because they had a very clear idea of what the CRM team needed to take their customer engagement strategy to the next level. They had previously been using an assortment of disconnected point solutions, so consolidating all of their channels in one location was essential.

Five years on and the team is more efficient and empowered, launching large scale multichannel campaigns, in multiple languages, on a regular basis. The team uses web push, app push, emails and more to create personalised and relevant communications for their customers.

Having everything from data analysis and segmentation through to the journey planner and reporting in a single platform has made it much easier for the team to execute, analyse and iterate campaigns to improve performance. This year alone they’ve seen a 12% increase in email open rates, a 71% increase in click rates and an 83% increase in click to open rates.


Cheltenham is a key date in the Oddschecker diary so the team need to make sure that their communications convert. During the four day event, the Oddschecker CRM team sent 20% fewer push notifications than last year but, because their communications were more relevant to their audience, they saw a 20% increase in their active user base and an 18% increase in bettors via that channel.

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Working with Xtremepush

Annabel Fairburn Profile Picture

Annabel Fairburn, CRM Manager

“XP is really easy to use and allows my team to be much more efficient...the platform houses everything under one roof. You have the journeys, you have the segmentation, and you're able to see stats on your campaigns. Xtremepush has had a really positive impact on our results. Just looking back at Cheltenham this year, and then back to last year, we've seen a 20% increase in our active user base and an increase of 18% in bettors from pushing messaging."