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Oddschecker increased engagement rates and campaign success with Xtremepush

Who is Oddschecker?

Oddschecker is a website that provides a comprehensive platform for comparing and analyzing odds across various sports, events, and betting markets. The primary purpose of the website is to assist users in finding the best odds available for their desired bets. 

In addition to odds comparison, Oddschecker provides additional features and services to enhance the user experience. These may include expert tips, analysis, and insights on upcoming events, as well as historical data and statistics to aid in decision-making.

The Obstacle:

Oddschecker struggled to orchestrate journeys in a simple way. They also needed to involve other teams to analyse and pull segmentation data, as well as use other providers to power marketing promotions such as email and app messaging.



“XP has had a really good impact on our results. We can attribute this to sending more relevant messaging to our customers. Compared to the other platforms, XP is really easy to use and allows my team to be much more efficient”

Annabel (CRM Manager) & Joel (CRM Executive)


The Solution

Using Xtremepush for all BAU comms from web pushes and app pushes to email, Oddschecker could analyse data and create reports without having to involve other teams, like their analytics team, or use other providers.

Xtremepush enabled Oddschecker to become much more data focused as everything is stored under one roof, and that meant their performance improved year on year. With Xtremepush, workflows are no longer tedious and manual and Oddschecker have freed up time to focus on strategy and reaching their goals.

Cheltenham 2023

Looking back at Cheltenham this year, Oddschecker achieved a 20% increase in its active user base and saw an 18% increase in bettors from the previous year. That’s due to sending fewer push messages and making them much more relevant to their audience.

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