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How Betsul are Engaging and Retaining Players Effectively with Xtremepush


Who Are Betsul?

Betsul is a pioneering sportsbook company in Brazil, operating on a national scale.

Their strengths include world class support for their players, a broad portfolio of betting options that elevate the experience of sports betting, create exciting moments, and guarantee super-fast withdrawals, as well as a unique vision of social responsibility. To deliver even further on this, they needed a partner that could help them take the player experience to the next level. In this story Andreia Oliveira, COO of Betsul, shares how Xtremepush helped them optimise their efforts with a unified solution that makes CRM and Loyalty marketing easy.

The Obstacle:

Finding a solution capable of accurately addressing their diverse range of players Betsul’s previous provider was preventing them from effectively targeting different types of players with personalised and relevant campaigns.

“We have a specific approach planned for different player profiles, showing the different benefits and capabilities of our platform. Not every player wants the same thing from us, so we need to show that in our communications.”

However, this was something Betsul struggled with before utilising the Xtremepush platform. The South American market is expanding massively, with newcomers entering the scene at rapid pace. This means that players can jump to another operator pretty easily if they’re not getting the experience they want. Retaining the players that they acquired was an important point for Betsul, and they needed a tool that could help them.

“Beyond the solution capabilities, we also had a special requirement of getting a solution that offered a team with a deeper understanding of the dynamics within the Brazilian market.”

The ask:


Engage newly registered players as soon as they enter their app or site


Automate relevant campaigns at different stages of the player journey


Reactivate clients that had been dormant for some time


Account Management from expert within the Brazilian market

Single Customer View-1

“In an industry where players have more and more options every day, and the cost of acquisition is skyrocketing, it’s so important that we do everything we can to keep our retention rate as high as possible and provide unique player experiences that leaves them wanting more.”

Xtremepush’s real-time, AI, and Machine Learning capabilities, paired with their extensive knowledge of the ever expanding Brazilian and South American markets made us the perfect partners to help Betsul overcome their obstacles and smash their goals.

The Solution: An easy to use, unified platform to create experiences that retain players, by design.

Thanks to Xtremepush, Betsul were able to unify their efforts into one platform and become a more effective team, leading to an increase in their retention rates.

“With Xtremepush, we have been able to increase our CRM team’s productivity by 120%”


Effective use of data

Betsul were able to use Xtremepush’s built-in CDP to store their data and create a 360 degree view of their players. They were also able to pull in data from different sources to one place, uncovering deeper insights that were previously unavailable to them.

With Xtremepush, Betsul has been able to update their data in real-time. Meaning it is updated in milliseconds, rather than hours. This means that their data is always ready to go to create up to date campaigns.

“Our constant efforts to send an increasingly broader universe of data and information to the platform has been very straightforward. We have also been able to integrate functionalities, combined with intelligence, from other areas to further enhance our results.”

Relevant campaigns at all stages of the player journey

Communicating effectively with their diverse range of players was an important goal for Betsul to achieve with their new provider. And with Real-Time Data, Advanced Personalisation, AI, and Machine Learning, Betsul are creating experiences that players have never seen before and are giving them a reason to stay loyal to them.

Multiple channels of communication

Betsul has been able to utilise Xtremepush’s channels to effectively communicate with their players. These channels include Email, SMS, WebPush, InBox & Onsite Messaging.

“It was the only solution we found that, in addition to providing a tool capable of accurately addressing the most different user profiles within our ecosystem, also offered the convenience of having its own channels of interaction with players”

Here are a few examples of the campaigns they are running:


First Deposits

Encouraging newly registered players to complete their first deposit and begin placing wagers.

Low Balance Deposit Prompt

Encouraging players with a low balance to top up their account with a new deposit

Game Preference Promotions

Using player data to segment and understand their preferences of casino game or sporting event, sending them relevant communications based on their behaviour

Welcome Offers

Congratulate and thank players who have just opened their account with a free bet (or whatever you like!).

The Benefits of Working with Xtremepush


Easy to use

“Xtremepush is a very straightforward and easy platform to use. We found that our previous solution was overly complicated and didn’t make things easier for us, which is exactly what these types of tools should do! It took my team half the time to adapt to Xtremepush compared to our previous solution.”

Save time and reduce costs

“Managing multiple tools at a time is far more time consuming and expensive than having everything in one place. By moving to Xtremepush, it means that my team has everything they need to perform at a high level, without needing to bounce between different platforms.”


Unified platform

“A few major benefits of Xtremepush’s unified platform to us are the centralized CRM management system, a unified place for integrations and maintenance, and simplified management of CRM actions. This all leads to the optimisation of the team's efforts and time.”


“We were looking for a robust solution that was flexible enough to adapt to the characteristics of our business, required a relatively simple integration, and was viable in terms of budget. Xtremepush was the most interesting option in relation to these expectations.”

The Results



Increase in number of push opt-in users

“We have been able to engage our customers in a way that we have never been able to do before. We have significantly increased our number of push opt-...


Increase in Average Annual revenue

“By creating an experience that is unique and relevant to every player, our retention rate has been incredibly strong. In turn, this has also led to a...


Reduction in costs using a unified platform

“Thanks to the unified platform that Xtremepush provides, we have been able to reduce our costs by 50% by investing in a CRM that has it all!”


Knowledgable support, tailored to the Brazilian market

“The account management support with Xtremepush has been fantastic, especially when it comes to understanding that Brazil is not like other markets.”

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