Maxautomation by Xtremepush

Visual Journey Builder for Multi-Channel Campaigns

What is Maxautomation?

It’s a best-in-class Visual Journey Builder, used by hundreds of industry-leading brands. It allows you to orchestrate, automate and optimise your customer engagement at key stages in the sales cycle.

Deliver interactions based on a customer or lead’s individual preferences and behaviour. Respond to their needs in real time, winning their trust and enhancing their digital experience of your brand.

How does it work?

The Journey Builder is a series of event-triggered interactions woven into a single flow.

An “event” can be anything from an app download to an abandoned cart to the triggering of an iBeacon at a physical location.

Once a trigger is activated, the journey builder allows you to automate your response. This could be an onboarding message sent in-app to new users, a web push notification linking to a pre-populated basket or a traditional SMS message promoting a flash sale.

In the example above, the end-user has created a simple and effective flow that automatically re-engages customers who have abandoned their cart at the checkout phase.

How can a Visual Journey Builder benefit your brand?

Smarter campaigns, better ROI

Maxautomation empowers you to automate engagement at every step of a customer’s journey, from awareness to consideration through to purchase and loyalty. Send personalised content at the right time and on the right channel. Generate revenue with greater ease and efficiency than ever before.

Deep analytics

Use Xtremepush’s advanced analytics, or integrate an existing CRM, to get a comprehensive view of your customers’ online behaviour. Smart segmentation empowers you to deliver personalised, relevant content that resonates with your customers and drives conversions.

Multi-channel harmony

Maxautomation has been designed to meet the particular demands of multi-channel marketing. Email, SMS, Web Pushes and App messages can be used as required within the same flow, ensuring you only engage with customers on the channels that matter most to them.

Limitless campaigns

There’s no limit to the depth of your campaigns with Maxautomation. Adjust and add to each journey over time, accounting for every potential customer decision you encounter. Refine the logic underpinning every flow and create a streamlined marketing machine.

Intelligent delivery

Create events and triggers based on your customers’ real-time behaviour. Utilize A/B testing and set your responses to be sent at the optimal moment, whether that’s right away or in two days’ time.

Smoother funnel

Build flows that promote time-sensitive deals to people who’ve been on your website or send a news alert to your subscribers as they browse the web. Automation means you never miss out on an opportunity to move users further along the funnel.

Basket recovery

Create automatic recovery campaigns, directing customers back to their pre-populated baskets at the optimal time and boost your sales.

Onboarding & education

Guide users through the early stages of registration and nudge them towards their first purchase. Ensure that customers experience the full benefit of your products or service. Direct them towards key features and tutorials and foster long-term brand loyalty.

Re-engaging lapsed users

Schedule personalised content for customers who haven’t engaged with you in a given period of time and win them back with better experiences.

Working with Xtremepush

“Xtremepush continues to be global leaders in their field, and enable us to create and deliver groundbreaking campaigns that dramatically improved our conversion rates.”

Nichola Wolfe, Customer Engagement Manager, Jobbio

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