The Digital Disruption of Banking 2.0

Navigating the new normal of customer experience in 2020 and beyond

With more consumers banking online than ever before, what does exceptional digital customer experience look like? 

And how do you actually deliver it?

In this ebook, we look at how the emergent trends have been accelerated by a global pandemic and where digital engagement is headed in the banking industry. We examine the fastest route to market for banks looking to either catch-up or stay ahead of their competition, whether that’s a challenger or an incumbent.

And finally, we highlight the use of cutting edge A.I. to meet the rising levels of online queries head on.

Download this guide to learn:

  • Balancing the 3 core systems; Record, Intelligence and Engagement
  • Winning the battle for customer data
  • How to deliver personalised experiences at scale and without major development work
  • The impact of conversational A.I.

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