Guide: The multichannel playbook for the sports betting and gaming industry

How to deliver real time engagement at speed and scale on every device and channel


Your brand can roll out big multichannel use cases and start achieving tangible results in just 3 months or less. We know because we’ve helped others do exactly that.

We’ve put together this guide to demystify multichannel campaigns and show you what’s possible. Everything in it is based on our practical experience of working with the leading global brands in sports betting and gaming. It contains actionable advice that will help you acquire, engage and retain more customers.

It looks in-depth at a number of industry-specific use cases designed to help you execute core business goals.

Download the playbook now to learn:

  • How to increase registrations and first deposits in-app and on your website
  • How to increase bet frequency amongst your active players
  • How to deliver relevant, personalised content and offers
  • How to create in-play betting experiences
  • How to re-engage dormant players and win them back
  • How to recover abandoned betting slips with automated campaigns
  • How to use geo-location technology to drive bets at live events

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