Utilise new channels and send personalised messages to customers at speed and scale

Xtremepush is a world-leading customer engagement, personalisation and data platform. It’s purpose-built for delivering mobile-first, omnichannel customer experiences. It enables brands across multiple industries to acquire new customers and communicate more effectively with existing customers through automated, real-time and relevant messaging.

How Xtremepush work with salesforce

Engage Customers Through More Channels

Reach your customers at multiple touch points so they don’t miss you! This simple integration with the Salesforce Journey Builder means you’ll be on track to deepen your customer relationships through personalised and dynamic:

  • App Push & Web Push Notifications
  • SMS
  • Email
  • In-app messages
  • On-site messages
  • Web & App inbox messages

Simple and Intuitive Customer Engagement

Seamlessly integrate Xtremepush into the Salesforce Journey Builder in two steps and connect with your customers through the intuitive dashboard on the Salesforce Journey Builder.

Create and trigger win-win, customer centric experiences that drive results, all in one place.

Employ your customer data to create an unforgettable experience

Get the best from two world leading businesses. Applying your customer data from Salesforce to the multichannel engagement capabilities of Xtremepush will lead to the creation of unforgettable customer experiences.

Increase engagement, CTR, and conversion rates, all while nurturing customer relationships and creating a stronger bond.

Sample Use Cases for Xtremepush & Salesforce Integration

Abandoned Checkout Journeys

Using the journey builder, you can re-engage shoppers in real-time or with an intelligent delay, and across one channel or a combination of channels.

Onboarding Journey Campaigns for new app users

Use the journey builder to set up push notification campaigns to engage customers new to your app. Keep them interested from the very start and encourage their first purchase with personalised messaging.

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Xtremepush is a global Multi-Channel Experience and Engagement Marketing Platform. We enable hundreds of leading enterprise brands to drive engagement and increase revenue.