Build brand loyalty and drive repeat sales with data-driven, personalised customer engagement

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Xtremepush is the leading customer data and engagement platform, allowing businesses to automate highly personalized communications by leveraging rich data collection AI. Our one-click integrations, drag-and-drop journey builder, and out-of-the-box campaigns allow you to engage with and retain your audiences faster and more effectively at scale.

Xtremepush’s integration with the Magento Commerce platform allows eCommerce businesses to send highly personalised campaigns to improve the acquisition and retention of customers while driving ROI. Brands can use profile attributes and event data from Magento in order to create relevant and compelling offers and experiences across any of Xtremepush channels and take advantage of our single customer view.

Increase acquisition by sending targeted messages for first-time buyers.

Engage with new customers and nudge them towards their next purchase through a series of automated, real and right-time messages.

Create High Converting Campaigns With Single Customer View

Connect with and convert customers with relevant, real-time promotional content and offers across email, SMS, push notifications and more throughout the lifecycle.

To recover abandoned carts at scale

Use Customer Intelligence to reduce customer churn rate and recover abandoned carts. Experience retention levels of up to 4X the industry average by implementing automated journeys.


Sample Use Cases for the Xtremepush & Magento Integration

This seamless integration between Xtremepush and Magento allows you to quickly create and execute high-value, data-driven use cases.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned cart recovery is one of the most common and impactful examples of where this integration can add immediate value to your business. Re-engage shoppers in real-time or with an intelligent delay, and across one channel or a combination of channels.

Churned Customer Winback

Re-engage customers who have not made a purchase from your store within a specified period of time, enticing them back on-site with a personalised offer.

Product Recommendations

Increase conversion and upsells with product recommendations. Using AI-Driven tools, create campaigns recommending the right products.

Single Customer View

Unify your data into a Single Customer View to gain better understanding of your customers, their buying habits and build campaigns to sell more effectively.

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