Guide: The multichannel playbook for the leisure and hospitality industry

How to keep customers engaged and re-booking

Brands in the leisure and hospitality industry are becoming more data-savvy, with booking engines and CRM systems now commonly used.

But how can this data be used to create better customer experiences and drive more revenue through upsells and repeat bookings?

We’ve put together this guide to demystify multichannel campaigns and show you what’s possible. Everything in it is based on our practical experience of working with leading brands in this sector.

It looks in-depth at a number of industry-specific use cases to help generate more bookings and a higher average booking value.

Download the playbook now to learn:

  • How to increase conversions through real-time onsite & in-app engagement
  • How to upsell customers with relevant offers before the day of their booking
  • How to encourage customers to make repeat bookings through personalised engagement
  • How to increase uptake of membership and loyalty programmes

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