Customer segmentation software for multichannel marketers

What is segmentation?

Segmentation is the grouping of your audience into categories that are useful to you and your brand. Naturally, you can do this by age, location, gender and other broad classifications. This is only the beginning, however.

Our cutting-edge segmentation tool allows you to dig even deeper into your customer data and organise your audience in terms of app usage (inactive for the past 10 days), previous engagement (has viewed a particular web page before), device type (Android user) and an almost limitless number of other possibilities depending on your business goals.

You tell us what segments you want to create and we can do it for you.

An example of how segmentation within the Xtremepush platform can be used to drive key business goals.

Types of segmentation


These are the type of groups mentioned above. It includes age, nationality, gender and income. Many purchase decisions are influenced by these factors.


These segments are typically defined in terms of how they have interacted with your business. Have they purchased an item recently, have they viewed a specific page on your website or have they used your app this month?


This refers to grouping your audience in terms of their opinions, personality traits and morals. This type of information can be difficult to gather, often coming from surveys.


Clearly this has to do with a user’s physical location, but it extends beyond the country or even the city. iBeacons and geofencing technology allows brands to contact app users based on their exact location, e.g. in a particular store or a stadium.

Creating a great segment

And/Or rules

The most successful marketers create segments based on a number of factors. For example, users who haven’t opened the app in the past 2 months and are interested in soccer. This level of depth allows you to create hyper-personalised experiences that resonate with the recipient and drive key business goals.


Are you currently able to reach this segment on their preferred channels? Do you know what those channels are? Xtremepush offers a full suite of channels to reach your audience on every device. Our advanced analytics ensures every engagement is optimised for conversions.


Don’t waste time creating segments that are not going to help you drive your core business goals. Focus your efforts on the segments that will give you the best ROI. Xtremepush analytics allows you to measure your most valuable customers.

How can segmentation help you achieve your business goals?

Customer segmentation and automation go hand-in-hand. Xtremepush’s best-in-class journey builder, Maxautomation, allows you to effectively move prospects through the sales cycle. Here are some examples of the automated campaigns you can set up.

Cart recovery

Recovering abandoned carts is a key business objective. Create segments in the Journey Builder and automate campaigns to send a pre-populated basket to the user’s preferred channel.

Re-engage dormant users

Identify users who have not been active within a given time period and engage them on the channels that they prefer. Use all of the data you have collected on them to deliver personalised content and incentivised offers to win them back.

Actively remarket

Intelligent segmentation empowers you to actively market to your audience. You no longer need to wait for prospects to make the first move or send generic blasts to your lists. You can deliver targeted, personalised pushes, messages and pop-ups in full confidence that the content is relevant.

Working with Xtremepush

“Xtremepush continues to be global leaders in their field, and enable us to create and deliver groundbreaking campaigns that dramatically improved our conversion rates.”

Nichola Wolfe, Customer Engagement Manager, Jobbio

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