Yesterday, Xtremepush were announced as the 2017 Fintech winner of the Temenos Innovation Jam London. Xtremepush won the public vote at this annual innovation Jam. The Temenos Innovation Jam is a unique event which provides Fintech companies a great opportunity to showcase their capabilities to the Temenos Marketplace and their partner banks.

Xtremepush Temenos

Xtremepush were one of 16 Fintech companies selected to live demo at the international Temenos Innovation Jam London. Pitching for Xtremepush were CEO, Tommy Kearns and CTO, Dr. Kevin Collins who successfully beat the buzzer and completed the Xtremepush live platform demo under seven minutes.

As the winner of the 2017 Fintech Temenos Innovation Jam London, Xtremepush will now attend the Temenos Community Forum in Lisbon. We will present another seven-minute live platform demo alongside the other Innovation Jam regional winners. The pitch will be to an audience of Temenos executives and over 1,500 of their banking clients. It is a great opportunity for us to showcase how the Xtremepush platform can be uniquely leveraged by a core cloud banking system like Temenos T24.

The Temenos MarketPlace is a self-service online digital store which helps financial institutions experience the latest innovations in financial services technology through its ever growing range of products, deploy Fintech companies directly into their business solutions quickly and securely, and to help financial institutions differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Temenos Marketplace

Hotly discussed topics at the Innovation Jam included the Temenos MarketPlace, how Fintech companies can work with banks, the challenges major banks face when introducing Fintech partners, how innovation in banking is progressing and the big trend, Blockchain.

On the day, speakers included;

  • Des Noctor, Regional Director, Temenos
  • Ben Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer, Temenos
  • Dave Birch, Director of Innovation, Breaking Banks
  • Renée Friedman, Managing Editor, The Economist Intelligence Unit

Temenos Innovation Jam Panel Discussion


The final session of the event was a highly engaging panel discussion hosted by Kam Chana, Digital Strategist of Temenos, on The Evolution of Digital Banking. The panel was made up of experts from the banking world;

  • Ghela Boskovich, Start Up Bootcamp
  • Kaushalya Somasundaram, Head of Fintech Partnerships & Strategy, HSBC
  • Dave Tighe, Head of Innovation, Bank of Ireland
  • Helen Mitchell, Business Development Specialist, Blukudu

The 2017 Global Fintech Winner will be announced at the Temenos Community Forum in Lisbon. Watch this space!