Xtremepush, the global leader in Multi-Channel Marketing Automation, has today announced a partnership with Unacast, the world’s largest proximity network. For the first time, the partnership will enable brands to use offline customer data from beacon interactions to deliver relevant and targeted ads and content online.


Proximity Marketing is currently one of the fastest-growing sectors in customer communication and engagement. Today’s mobile-first consumers want brands to directly reach out to them with personalised offers, promotions and messaging. In fact, 77% of Generation Z consumers confirmed this in a recent Cassandra report. It is no surprise, therefore, that industry reports have forecast that proximity will directly influence $40bn of retail sales in the US alone by the end of 2016, according to Business Wire.


As part of its powerful end-to-to-end Mobile & Web Engagement solution, Xtremepush enable leading global enterprise clients, across numerous verticals, including sport, retail, transport and retail banking, to digitally communicate with their customers based on their individual user profile and exact location, whether inside a retail store or public venue. This unique form of customer engagement uses location technologies, called Beacons and Geo-Fencing, to instantly communicate with the customer in real-time via mobile push and in-app messaging. It also acts as a mechanism to bring a customer and brand closer together at the right time and in the right location.


Unacast is the first international media platform to allow retailers and brands to retarget their customers online based on offline beacon interactions. Through its close collaboration with privacy regulators and consumer organisations, the Unacast platform ensures that all collection and transaction of data are compliant with international data and privacy regulation laws.


The deal between Xtremepush and Unacast delivers a single customer view, both online and offline, which is highly important to brands seeking ways to provide continued engagement to their target audience.


Tommy Kearns, CEO, Xtremepush, commented: Xtremepush’s partnership with Unacast means that our clients can now leverage the offline customer insights gained from their proximity marketing campaigns and data to retarget their audience online with relevant digital advertising that will result in a much higher conversion rate and more profitable ROI. In order for successful data-driven marketing to work, each channel and campaign must work seamlessly in order to provide the consumer with real value and highly targeted offers.


“Unacast’s technology allows our clients to continue the dialogue with their offline customers beyond the store with effective and engaging online content. In essence, it will allow brands to close the marketing loop between customers’ online and offline behaviour and help them build meaningful relationships with their customers,” continues Kearns.



Retail Implementation

An international fashion retail brand, for example, has set up Beacons in all of its stores to interact with their offline customers upon entry, exit and during their time in the store. As a result of the partnership between Xtremepush and Unacast, it is now possible for the brand to go one step further and retarget an individual customer online days after they have visited a store based on their unique offline behaviour. For example, a customer who browsed in the running shoes section of the store will see display ads on Facebook and mobile browser re-engaging them to return to the store or visit this particular product on their online store.


Thomas Walle, CEO and co-founder, Unacast concluded: “We are very excited to partner with Xtremepush, one of the leading proximity solution providers globally. Bringing proximity retargeting to their highly advanced, intelligent and compelling end-to-end mobile marketing solution is a natural development to grow the market further. The ability to retarget their own customers to encourage them to return to store or visit the e-commerce site is said to be the holy grail for online advertising and we are pleased to provide our solution to Xtremepush and its clients.”