Xtremepush and Strive Gaming are excited to announce a new partnership that combines the power of our respective platforms to provide operators and players with an unparalleled level of highly personalised interaction.

With a commitment to providing relevant, valuable and timely communications to end-users baked into the DNA of both organisations, teaming up was a natural and logical step. 

This new partnership agreement leverages Strive’s modern and scalable player platform encompassing their market-leading, Infinity flexible rules engine and Xtremepush’s customer data and engagement platform capabilities to deliver intelligent, highly personalised communication. 

As a result, Strive Gaming is uniquely placed in sports betting and online casino gaming to provide a best in class user experience, bringing operators closer to their customers, boosting bet and deposit spend and ROI as a result.

Built on a real-time engine, data synchronisation between Strive Gaming and Xtremepush enables deep segmentation and personalisation for all customer engagement including promotion and bonus campaigns with full post-back to Strive for bonus application. 

The integration creates the opportunity to create customised player journeys at scale, based on intelligent insights and specific event triggers. It creates a unique contextual engagement experience for players who get real-time communication that is highly relevant to their playing behaviours, which drives higher lifetime values.

CEO and co-founder of Xtremepush, Tommy Kearns commented:

“Our partnership with Strive Gaming represents an exciting opportunity for both companies to deliver a more valuable, more rewarding, experience to businesses and players in the Sports Betting and Gaming space across North America.”

Max Meltzer, CEO of Strive Gaming, said: 

“The partnership with Xtremepush ties in perfectly with our growth plans and allows us to provide another level of deep personalisation in our player interactions. This strengthens our position as one of the leading B2B igaming platforms in the US and Canada, serving leading local heroes and multi-state operators.”

Live with a number of clients already, this partnership promises to be an exciting solution for sports betting and gaming operators in the North American markets. Organisations interested in learning more about this exciting partnership and its potential impact are invited to get in touch with Xtremepush or Strive Gaming.

About Xtremepush

Xtremepush is a world-leading customer data and engagement platform solution. Providing a purpose-built, data-driven multichannel tool, Xtremepush helps organisations communicate with their customers more effectively. 

It enables businesses to acquire new customers and communicate with existing customers through automated, real-time and personalised messaging. Xtremepush works with a global portfolio of clients across several key verticals including banking & financial services, eCommerce, sports betting & gaming, travel & transport and publishing & media.

Xtremepush sells its solutions globally through offices in Ireland, the United Kingdom, North America, and Eastern Europe.

About Strive Gaming

Strive Gaming delivers operator’s performance at scale and is the first iGaming platform business specifically set up to satisfy the modern, multi-state requirements of North American operators.  

Strive Gaming is bringing to market a leading technology PAM, with a unique value driver in its Infinity rules engine. Strive Gaming arrives into the market without technology debt, a 100% focus on the North American market and a dedicated team and operation that is ready for the market and its first partners. 

Strive Gaming has received GLI-33 certification, is licensed in multiple states and possesses mobile app development capabilities and offers managed services additionally.