A word on communication and engagement during this time of unprecedented global uncertainty.

The spread of COVID-19, and its impact on the lives of millions of people around the world, has very much underlined the importance of digital communications from a holistic perspective, and not simply commercial.

Whatever about the financial consequences, this remains first and foremost a human tragedy. The world is moving online, and global events like this accelerate that process, but our need to communicate with one another remains the same.

Over the past couple of weeks and, in particular, within the last few days, our clients have been reaching out to their customers through all available online channels. They are doing so not to drive revenue, but for the benefit of their customers. They have been working with incredible diligence and speed to keep them informed about service interruptions, delays and cancellations.

Those working in the publishing and news sector have been exceptional in getting the latest government directives, and health and safety recommendations out to the public within seconds of official statements and reports being released.

We all hope that the precautionary measures and bans on public gatherings being imposed only last a matter of weeks not months, but in the meantime, the service they are providing is so vital. And of course, we will continue to maintain our own service to support them throughout this period and beyond.

The long term economic impact is difficult to estimate, but there’s no doubt that many brands, across all verticals, and their employees will face some very difficult times ahead in the short and medium terms.

In this context, it might seem crass for brands to continue to market and promote, but we must all continue to function as close to normal as possible. However, we should do so with care and consideration for the wider community.

Our advice to brands is to do what you must to keep the ship afloat, offer discounts and run sales, but above all continue to communicate with your customers, to stay in their mind. And be of service where you can.

This crisis will pass, and trust that your customers will return when it does.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your account manager.

Tommy Kearns
CEO of Xtremepush