Xtremepush and Thunderbite are pleased to announce a new partnership that marries leading gamification technology and the leading customer data and engagement platform. 

The partnership will allow Thunderbite to deepen its offering by providing real-time rewards and incentives based on specific campaign triggers.

The Xtremepush platform will allow Thunderbite to drive customer engagement using push notifications and highly personalised communications.

Xtremepush’s ability to unify data into a Single Customer View will allow Thunderbite to engage with lapsed players based on their gaming preferences, driving engagement and deposits.

The agreement will also see the two companies team up to offer a full range of end-to-end user journeys, which will allow their respective clients the chance to increase active users and daily deposits. 

Players can expect a unique contextual engagement experience for players who get real-time communication that is highly relevant to their playing behaviours, which drives higher lifetime values.

John Smith of Thunderbite said:

“We are naturally ecstatic to be teaming up with Xtremepush. Their platform and the client base aligns perfectly with our vision and strategy for the industry and we feel that clients from both sides of the table will see the immediate impact of this partnership”

Tommy Kearns, CEO of Xtemepush, added:

“This partnership allows two pioneers in customer engagement to combine their talents to provide exceptional value to businesses and their players. 

Through the highly personalised user journeys we have the ability to create, players will get a more rewarding experience and businesses will see an uplift in wallet share.”

About Xtremepush

Xtremepush is a world-leading customer data and engagement platform solution. Providing a purpose-built, data-driven multichannel tool, Xtremepush helps organisations communicate with their customers more effectively. 

It enables businesses to acquire new customers and communicate with existing customers through automated, real-time and personalised messaging. Xtremepush works with a global portfolio of clients across several key verticals including banking & financial services, eCommerce, sports betting & gaming, travel & transport and publishing & media.

Xtremepush sells its solutions globally through offices in Ireland, the United Kingdom, North America, and Eastern Europe.

About Thunderbite

Thunderbite’s goal is to deliver great, engaging gamification solutions that thrill players, underpinned by a best in class customer service.

Thunderbite works with some of the biggest names in sports betting and gaming to deliver a unique, fun and engaging experience for players all over the world.