At the beginning of November we held our fourth annual company offsite in Westport, Co. Mayo in Ireland. Lovingly dubbed Xpression by fellow XPers in 2018, it’s the biggest date in our company calendar and is a chance for us to express ourselves as a company and as individuals. And it was certainly a week to remember for everyone involved.

With Xtremepush team members based all over the World, we had people from Ireland, England, the USA, Spain, Slovakia, Lithuania and Brazil, descend upon the town of Westport for Xpression 2022. This event is an opportunity for everyone to come together as one team for the week. Reflecting on our wins, learning from our misses, looking ahead to the future, and reconnecting on a personal level is what Xpression is all about.

Since last year, we’ve had over 30 new people join the business. This year was the biggest Xpression the company has ever had. 

Aside from reflecting on another successful year, Xpression is an opportunity to celebrate what’s at the heart of Xtremepush: the people and culture. “Leaning in” is a huge part of what keeps us driving towards our goals and delivering on our promises to our clients. This event is the perfect environment for everyone to lean into the company culture, foster our working relationships and friendships, and plan how we’re going to hit our goals in 2023.

One thing we really value at Xtremepush is personal growth and development. We encourage our people to think about how they can make a difference in their work and respect it when people challenge each other and take ownership with the success of the business in mind. And we heard from some amazing speakers at Xpression who take that mindset to a whole other level.

First up we had former New Zealand All Blacks captain, Sean Fitzpatrick, who spoke to us about his life and career as an All Black, the pressures and sacrifice that comes with it, but also the rewards and sense of achievement that brought him and his family.

Next we heard from extreme adventurer and peak performance athlete, Damian Browne, who spoke to our CEO, Tommy Kearns, in an emotional and eye opening interview about his row across the Atlantic Ocean from New York to Galway (or Furbo if you know the details!).

These two speakers shared what it takes to reach the top of your game and be the best you can be, which aligned perfectly with the overarching theme of this year’s event: “Operational Excellence”.

As Xtremepush grows and moves to new heights, it’s crucial we keep operational excellence top of mind across our people, processes, and product. This year’s Xpression has brought our people together, created new friendships, and set the tone for the work needed in 2023 and beyond.

Xpression is the most important date in our company calendar because it gives us an opportunity to strengthen the bonds that make us so effective as a team. It’s an opportunity, as well, to make sure that everyone, wherever they are in the world, is part of the Xtremepush journey. 

Over the next 12 months the team will continue to grow as the business scales, meaning Xpression 2023 will be our biggest one yet. And we can’t wait.

If you want to find out more about what life is like at Xtremepush, check out our careers page!