In April 2017, Xtremepush as winners of the London Invention were invited to attend and present at the Temenos Community Forum 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Pitching for Xtremepush were CEO Tommy Kearns and CTO Kevin Collins who successfully beat the buzzer and completed the Xtremepush live platform under seven minutes. You can now watch the presentation in full.

London Innovation Jam

Back in March, Xtremepush took part in the Temenos London Innovation Jam 2017. The winner of the London Innovation Jam would be invited to present at the Temenos Community Forum in Lisbon. Xtremepush were announced as the winners by winning the public vote. The Temenos Innovation Jam showcases the most advanced and inventive software available to financial institutions through inspiring products demos in an addition to a high profile expert keynote. It is a unique event which provides Fintech companies with a great opportunity to showcase their capabilities to the Temenos Marketplace and their partner banks. Xtremepush was one of 16 Fintech companies chosen to perform a live demo at the international Temenos Innovation Jam. To read more about the London Innovation Jam click here.

Temenos Community Forum 2017

The theme of the 2017 Temenos Community Forum was on Real World Fintech. The main focus of the conference was aimed towards examining how advancements in financial technology are being redistributed in real life situations to improve customer outcomes. 

TCF brings together representatives from across the financial services community including Temenos customers, product experts and thought leaders from around the world. The purpose of the forum is to meet, network and exchange ideas. The TCF event also served as a great opportunity to learn about what’s changing in the industry and to hear from Temenos product specialists and their partners about what they are doing to help the industry address its challenges and opportunities. The pitch was presented to an audience of Temenos executives and over 1,500 of their banking clients. It was a great opportunity for us to showcase how the Xtremepush platform can be uniquely leveraged by a core cloud banking system like Temenos T24.