How beacon technology can transform the Banking Industry

How Beacon Technology can transform the Banking Industry

by Lauren McClean • 18th December 2017

Beacons have a broad range of potential use and part of that is consumer-focused. With a Beacon, it’s all about the applications and how mobile engagement can be increased through interactions based on location. There is a multitude of potential applications available for this technology. This blog will focus on how ibeacons can transform the […]


Geofencing vs iBeacons: Which best suits your Business?

by Victor Sevciuc • 18th October 2017
Today, being on top of new technology trends is critical to stay ahead of your competitors. Location-based marketing technology is the latest trend and has seen tremendous growth and improvement in 2017. Through the use of innovative mobile technology such as ibeacons and geofencing, companies can now communicate with their customers with the right message, [...]
Xtremepush present at Temenos 2017

Watch Xtremepush present at the Temenos Community Forum 2017

by Lauren McClean • 15th August 2017

In April 2017, Xtremepush as winners of the London Invention were invited to attend and present at the Temenos Community Forum 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. Pitching for Xtremepush were CEO Tommy Kearns and CTO Kevin Collins who successfully beat the buzzer and completed the Xtremepush live platform under seven minutes. You can now watch the […]