Xtremepush Use cases series: Basket Recovery

The Xtremepush Use Case Series: Basket Recovery in the Retail Industry

by Lauren McClean • 19th October 2017
In the final business use case of our four-part series, we look at basket recovery and how Xtremepush can help retailers reduce web cart abandonment through Push Notifications on web and app. Use Case Series: Basket Recovery in the Retail Industry In this example, the customer selected their item and placed it in the basket but [...]
Xtremepush Use Case Series : Educate your Users

The Xtremepush Use Case Series: Educating your user

by Susan Moran • 5th October 2017
Last week, Xtremepush launched the first video of a new four-part business use case series. The first video was an Onboarding Use Case example for Retail Banks. This video showcased how digital interventions, at key drop-off points, can ensure your new digital user successfully completes the Onboarding journey Watch the first Xtremepush Use Case Series [...]
Xtremepush Use Case Series : Onboarding

The Xtremepush Use Case Series: Onboarding your user

by Lauren McClean • 29th September 2017

Xtremepush launched the first video of a new four-part business use case series. The main goal of this series is to demonstrate how best to use the Xtremepush platform to increase engagement, reduce costs and drive revenue.

fintech banking

Digital Reinvention: Fintech & The Future of Banking

by Tommy Kearns • 15th March 2016

The traditional business model of banking is being turned on its head with the advent of mobile-first technologies, the growing impact of blockchain and the challenge of connecting with a new generation of banking customers with a ‘show-me-you-know-me’ outlook to brand interaction.   By 2025, Millennials will hold 75% of the global workforce. Closely behind […]

5 Industries iBeacon has taken off in

by xtremepush • 15th October 2014

iBeacon is an indoor proximity system that allows your mobile device to understand its position even indoors. iBeacon enables an app to trigger push notifications when in close proximity to an iBeacon. Although retail was one of the very first industries to utilize iBeacon, the airline industry is another area where iBeacon is, along with […]