Google opens Play Store to Sports Betting and Gambling Apps

Google opens Play Store to Sports Betting and Gaming Apps

by Lauren McClean • 11th August 2017

Last month, rumours started to surface that Google was planning to accept gaming and sports betting apps in its Play store. The rumours were proven to be true as of the 2nd of August 2017, Google finally withdrew its ban and will now be home to sports betting and gambling apps. Sports betting and gaming […]

Google Play Store accept sports and betting apps

Google to open Play Store to Gaming and Sports Betting Apps

by Susan Moran • 21st July 2017

Reports from iGaming Business suggest that the Google Play Store will accept gaming and sports betting Android apps in the UK,  and some other markets later this year. The Play Store serves millions of Android users worldwide and is expected to end its restrictions in the UK, France and Ireland, according to reports from gambling […]

amazon underground

Amazon Underground: Android Appstore Alternative for Sports Betting and Gambling Apps

by Una Lawlor • 8th September 2015

Amazon recently introduced Underground, an Android app that offers users 100% free versions of popular apps that are traditionally paid or freemium. In order to achieve this, Amazon created a new monetization model where they pay developers directly based on the amount of time their app is used, in exchange for waiving their normal download […]

What are Push Notifications?

by xtremepush • 2nd May 2014

A push notification is the most direct way app owners, brand, marketing or mobile managers can send information and engage with their app user. Apple enabled push notifications with iOS 3 in 2009. Simply put an app owner sends a message to APNS which then forwards the notifications from their servers to the app. With […]