Mobile phones are very much joined to the hip, eyes, ears and most prominently thumbs of the average person. A key question for organisations in the mobile first world where we search, click and move on in a matter of seconds is how to create a level of stickiness through engaging and compelling mobile content. Unicef tap  have hit the nail on the head. Unicef has joined forces with the brand, Giorgio Armani in a campaign that taps into consumers attachment to their mobile phones in a bid for users to surrender their devices and go without them for as long as they possibly can; the benefit being that every ten minutes spent apart from their precious device Armani donate toward the Unicef tap project.

             Tap project 1               Tap project 2

The project originated from an offline traditional marketing sense where restaurant patrons were asked to donate a dollar when they had a glass of water. According to Rajesh Anandan, senior VP of strategic partnerships at UNICEF “The program tries to get the public to pay attention to this crisis that’s happening and connect to it in a personal way,” he emphasised the importance for 2014 that any campaign has to have mobile as its core focus given the importance and penetration of mobile devices.

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Giorgio Armani will donate money to the cause every time somebody abstains from picking up their mobile phone and users themselves can make donations directly from their smart phone,  now that’s a digital detox well spent. A sample message will say, “Today, more people have access to phones than toilets” or “People have gone an average of 50 minutes without their phone. Since 1990, thanks to the work of UNICEF and its partners, more than 2 billion people have gained access to clean drinking water”

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This is a fantastic example of a targeted, compelling, call to action with a mobile first generation user in mind. It provides both a challenge to the user and a solution to a problem in the same time. Involvement is simple and easy but the benefits and results are deep and compelling. The project has managed to gain momentum virally in a short space of time due to its compelling nature and your ability to compare your results to others.