In the final business use case of our four-part series, we look at basket recovery and how Xtremepush can help retailers reduce web cart abandonment through Push Notifications on web and app.

Use Case Series: Basket Recovery in the Retail Industry

In this example, the customer selected their item and placed it in the basket but has not completed the purchase and left the site a crucial stage. With Xtremepush, a Push Notification is sent to the customer. With one click they are brought seamlessly back to their basket where they can complete the purchase.

Push Notifications are a powerful marketing and customer engagement tool. With Xtremepush you can personalize your push notifications which is an important mechanism that will re-engage your user. Push Notifications divert your customer’s attention from whatever they are doing. When a notification is received, they can either ignore, dismiss or click it. Personalized messages give enterprises a better chance to create a close connection with a customer which is vitally important for customer experience with a brand.

How Xtremepush helped Jobbio increase their conversion rate with Push Notifications

By using the Xtremepush Web Push Notifications,  Jobbio to instantly able to communicate with their users with personalized job alerts, specific to their sector, location, and level of seniority, direct to their browser.

With Xtremepush Web Push Notifications, Jobbio can instantly engage their users with personalized job alerts direct to their browser. Utilising our platform features, Jobbio can engage their user with job alerts based on their individual user profile which includes their sector preference, location, level of experience direct to their browser.

Jobbio has achieved exceptional results using Web Push Notifications. On average the click rate has been 17.5% in the initial pilot. The conversion rate has been over 50% with users directly applying for relevant positions from the notifications they have received. To find out more click here.

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