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Experts in the Room Podcast – Episode 1

by Phil Spurgeon • 22nd March 2023

The Experts in the Room podcast explores the evolving worlds of customer experience, retention and data with some of the leading minds in some of the fastest-growing and most competitive industries in the world.

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How to Shift to an Omnichannel Strategy

by Phil Spurgeon • 8th March 2023

eCommerce businesses have a problem on their hands. Their customers are fickle and price focused. And yet, overwhelmingly they want to feel a connection with the businesses they shop with. An omnichannel strategy has the potential to deliver the value customers seek while helping them overcome their own internal challenges.

Xtremepush - The Cross Channel Marketing Hub

Xtremepush is recognised in The Cross-Channel Marketing Hubs Landscape, Q1 2023

by Phil Spurgeon • 3rd March 2023

Xtremepush, the Irish based, omnichannel customer engagement platform, has been named in Forrester’s The Cross-Channel Marketing Hubs Landscape, Q1 2023.

Xtremepush accounces partnership with SB22

Xtremepush Announces Partnership with SB22

by Phil Spurgeon • 2nd March 2023

Xtremepush, the leading omnichannel customer engagement platform powered by a built-in CDP in the sports betting industry, are delighted to announce their new partnership with SB22, the first truly next-generation sports betting platform built to GLI standards and designed for the US market.

Applying Zero Party Data to Omnichannel Marketing

by Phil Spurgeon • 16th February 2023

Zero party data is marketing gold dust. It’s the stated behaviours and intent as communicated by the audience themselves. As opposed to other data types, like first party data that are observed or retrospective.

Experts in the Room podcast Header Image

Xtremepush Launches an all new Customer Engagement Podcast

by Phil Spurgeon • 27th January 2023

Xtremepush, the Ireland-based, omnichannel customer engagement platform, has launched a new podcast featuring marketing leaders from eCommerce, retail, sports betting and gaming companies.

Zero Party Data and Why it Matters

by Phil Spurgeon • 16th December 2022

Marketing is as much about the data as it is the message. The ability to communicate with your customers about the things that are of greatest relevance at the moment of greatest value defines modern digital marketing.

Is Multichannel and Omnichannel Marketing the same?

by Phil Spurgeon • 12th December 2022

Multichannel and omnichannel marketing are essentially two sides of the same marketing coin. The channels employed to deliver omnichannel marketing and multichannel marketing strategies are the same.

Xtremepush Increasing Wallet Share during the 2022 World Cup Infographic

Increasing Wallet Share during the 2022 World Cup

by Phil Spurgeon • 25th November 2022

With the 2022 World Cup in full swing, it’s an incredible opportunity for SBG operators to boost wallet share with their players.

Customer Retention Strategies to Drive Repeat Sales

by Phil Spurgeon • 24th November 2022

Data suggests that there’s only a 17% chance of customer retention every time a new customer visits your website. That increases to 57% after six purchases.