Automated Customer Journeys:

Creating multichannel, multi-stage onboarding, conversion, and retention journeys

Every marketer knows that automation is the key to driving results at scale, yet so many struggle to actually implement customer journeys.

In our practical ebook, we look at the tools and the tactics needed to orchestrate multichannel customer journeys at every level stage of the lifecycle from onboarding and welcome journeys to up-sell and long-term retention.

We also look at how you can use customer data to personalise each message,and use on-site or in-app events to trigger real and time engagements.

Read this guide to:

  • Understand the building blocks of creating an automated journey
  • Learn more about how to use the two key types of automated journeys: Proactive and Reactive
  • See how event data can be used to trigger kickstart journeys
  • See some examples of how brands in your industry are using journeys to drive core KPIs

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